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59 kilograms of Cocaine Seized at Mersin Port in Turkey; Owner’s Identity Remains Unrevealed

In an operation carried out by the Mersin Customs Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate at Mersin Port, authorities confiscated approximately 59 kilograms of narcotics concealed within the refrigerated section of a shipping container, Turkish Bold Media reported.

Once again, Mersin Port, often associated with drug-related incidents and recently mentioned in statements by organized crime leader Sedat Peker, is in the headlines due to an operation centered around the same issue. According to a statement released by the Ministry of Commerce, Customs Enforcement teams, as part of their efforts to combat narcotics-related crimes at Mersin Port, grew suspicious of a container arriving from overseas, which had been declared to carry “bananas.”

Drugs Discovered in the Refrigerated Compartment

The said container underwent X-ray scanning. As a result of the scan, teams detected an unusual density, prompting them to conduct a physical search of the container, with the assistance of a narcotic detection dog. During the search, it became apparent that the dog exhibited a strong reaction to the refrigerated segment of the container.

Owner of the “Bananas” Remains Undisclosed

Upon inspecting this section, authorities discovered white powder packaged in a total of 50 units. Subsequent analysis confirmed the substance as cocaine. Law enforcement officials seized approximately 59 kilograms of the illicit drug. While the Mersin Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated an investigation into the incident, the identity of the individual or entity claiming ownership of the “bananas” remains undisclosed.

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