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73-Year-Old Cancer Patient Kadriye Işık Arrested Amid Controversial Investigations in Turkey

In a recent development from Turkey, 73-year-old cancer patient Kadriye Işık has been arrested following the confirmation of her prison sentence by the Supreme Court. This arrest is part of the ongoing investigations into the Gülen movement, which have been widely criticized for their legal and human rights implications.

Işık, who was diagnosed with breast cancer three months ago, was taken into custody on November 2nd. Reports indicate that she is currently held in a 15-person dormitory at the Kayseri Bünyan Women’s Closed Prison. Adding to the gravity of her situation, Işık is escorted to her chemotherapy sessions handcuffed, accompanied by 7-8 gendarmes, highlighting the harsh conditions of her detention.

Nurettin Işık, Kadriye’s husband, expressed his disbelief and distress over the treatment his wife has received. “She was diagnosed with cancer three months ago, underwent surgery two months ago, and then was arrested a month ago. She is extremely weak and devastated. They handcuff her for chemotherapy sessions. She barely has the strength to move; the inhumanity of it is appalling,” he said.

The case against Işık stemmed from a relative’s report of her attending religious gatherings. Her husband emphasized her simple life as a housewife, with her routine centered around prayer and reading the Quran. He vehemently denies any wrongdoing on her part, challenging the rationale behind viewing her as a terrorist.

In a similar vein, Nurettin Işık, who himself was a merchant in Sivas Şarkışla, shared his experience of being detained on allegations of attempting a coup on the night of July 15th, despite having an alibi of being at home. After a week in detention, he was released on probation and required to sign in for 7.5 months. His case, which includes a sentence of 6 years and 3 months, is still pending in the Supreme Court.

The couple’s ordeal highlights a broader issue within Turkey’s judicial system, where acts like aiding the needy or giving zakat are increasingly viewed with suspicion. This has led to a situation where ordinary citizens, especially those from vulnerable groups like the elderly or those with serious health conditions, face severe legal challenges and human rights abuses.

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