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86-Year-Old Bedridden Patient Said Turk Denied Execution Stay, Transferred to Prison

Mustafa Said Türk, an 86-year-old bedridden patient, had his request for a stay of execution rejected due to old age and serious illnesses. Today, he was taken to the prison. It is not yet known whether he will remain in the hospital until the completion of the forensic medical process or be taken back to the prison.

Mustafa Said Türk, who had received a 10-year prison sentence in connection with the unlawful operations Gulen Movement in Manisa, which was upheld by the Court of Cassation, was taken to the prison today as his request for a stay of execution was denied. After spending a few hours in Manisa Type-T Prison, Türk was then transferred to the hospital.

It is still uncertain whether Türk, who is 86 years old, will remain in the hospital or be taken back to the prison until the forensic medical process, which is expected to last for a few months, is concluded.

Speaking to Sevinç Özarslan from Kronos, Türk’s son, Dr. Süleyman Türk, said, “My father is currently in the intensive care unit of Manisa Merkezefendi Hospital. He will stay here until Thursday for his treatment and the use of medical supplies. This is good news for us. After the committee’s report on Thursday, the prosecutor will act accordingly. The committee report will be sent to Forensic Medicine, and until they make a decision, we don’t know if he will stay in the hospital or be held in prison. We don’t believe they will take him back to the prison, but after all, they took him from home, took him to the prison, and then transferred him to the hospital.”

In 2018, after suffering a brain hemorrhage, Mustafa Said Türk became bedridden, and his basic needs have been taken care of by two caregivers who stay with him 24 hours a day at home. Having experienced two brain hemorrhages and one heart attack, Mustafa Türk also receives four insulin injections daily.

The Manisa 3rd Heavy Penal Court had rejected Türk’s request for a stay of execution, stating that “a doctor’s report has not yet been obtained about the convict, and the execution procedures have not started.”

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