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A Second July 15th?

Actually, “July 15th” was nothing different. They had set a terrible snare for the Gulen Movement, which they could never link to terrorism. Hundreds of generals, and tens of thousands of army officers were drummed out of the army. If only ten percent of all of these discharged people would have been related with the Gulen Movement and participated actively in the coup attempt, the chances for that coup not to be successful would not exist.

Would the members of the Gulen Movement have participated?

Fethullah Gulen stated the following right after July 15th:

“If the people close to me participated in this attempt treacherously, then they have served the people who try to show The Movement and myself, who do not have any goals other than peace and tranquility, as if we are related with the coup and terror.”

Gulen was right, the trap was set. There might be some people who could have participated in the coup “knowingly” or “unknowingly”, or “after it was successful”. And Gulen had cursed such people back then, and taken sides with democracy.

However, Erdogan, thanks to his media, staged his own coup with this conspiracy where 1.5% of the whole army had participated. He called this “a blessing from Allah”. He turned the country into North Korea in a short time. He imprisoned hundreds of thousands of people including doctors, teachers, workers, and housewives, who were not soldiers and possibly could not have had anything to do with the coup. He took a hold of the media, and finished the opposition. But he was not satisfied…

24 June

Let’s get back to our subject. Ahmet Donmez is an investigative journalist. Recently, he made a claim which could easily overcome the “bloodiness” of July 15th. It was unbelievable…

Dönmez claimed the following:

“On the day of 24 June 2018, without Gulen’s knowledge but by using his name, Gulen allegedly called some people in Turkey and organized riots in prisons…”

“…the opposition will not accept the election results, and this bloody uprising, which is built on the anticipation that hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets for protests, and it will start from Sincan Prison only to be spread to other places…”

Donmez detailed the possible plan as follows:

“…an information was going to be published on television and throughout social media which would state “an uprising is started by the “FETO” members.  Sincan Prison is burning down, there are casualties.” During that time, some of the names from the Gulen Community, who were not supposed to be there, would be arrested right in front of Sincan Prison. Just like it was in Akinci Air Base… It was going to be announced that they were the ones who organized the uprising. Just like it was in the past as seen in the operations of the Special Warfare Department, hundreds of people, who would see the news, would run to the prisons all flared up and would raid the prisons.”

These were preposterous. Even though these claims were absurd, the statements like ““there will be riots in the prisons” of Devlet Bahceli, Suleyman Soylu, and Sedat Peker, who is the mafia extension of AKP (Justice and Development Party), coincided with them.

The article of Donmez received a lot of criticism. He replied the following to the reactions:

“Some readers tell me “Our friends would not riot. How could these people, who would not even hurt an ant, do something like this?  Even if they were told to leave after the doors are opened timelessly, they would stay.” Are you trying to explain these people to me? I have hundreds of close friends in prisons. Even if I don’t know others, I have other thousands who I can vouch for. Set aside starting a riot, even if there would be one, do you think I don’t know the fact that these people would zealously fight for others to save them with a whole skin? I know like the back of my hand.”

Donmez, even though he is a very serious journalist, everybody expected these claims to be “rejected or accepted” by the advocates and spokespersons of Fethullah Gulen.

Then the critical statement was made yesterday:


There are some striking points in the statement of Alliance for Shared Values, which undertakes the corporate voice of the Gulen Movement.

The statement confirms the claims with 7 points with short and neat explanations, and tries not to bring someone under suspicion. It is remarked that the matter is “being investigated” and “necessary measures are taken”.

The text reminds everybody of the statements of Gulen after July 15th. “Some people who masquerade themselves as gracious might have participated” comment is being substantially pointed out.

24 June conspiracy is being confirmed in the statement, and for the aftermath, the necessary measures are being described with the following lines: “Against the possibility of a similar scenario to occur again in the future…”

The most striking point of the text is where the members of the Gulen Movement must have a single criterion against every kind of trap, which is:

“The members of The Movement is incumbent upon rejecting the messages received, which are do not comply with the values of The Gulen Movement by evaluating them with their own wisdoms and consciences.”

The hidden meaning of this sentence is: “In other words, someone might trap you into something. Even though these people are the ones you trust, absolutely reject these suggestions if they are against your “core values””

The next point focuses on these core values:

“Respect the international and national law, compliance with the local laws of the country of residence, being committed to peace, not resorting to violence are the core values of the Gulen movement.”


Apparently the point emphasized in the middle of the text was not, so it was repeated again the end:

“…Therefore, whatever the source might be, the people, who carries and spreads the so-called demands and requests of violence and illegality by using the credibility of The Gulen Movement, must be rejected together with their messages, regardless of their level of affiliation with The Gulen Movement.

This sentence also indirectly refers to the preventive stance of Gulen against the 24 June conspiracy, which we can also call “the Second July 15th”.

Donmez told the following about Gulen’s intervention:

“It is being speculated that the terrifying attempt was uncovered by an individual who had been aware of the communication traffic and had reached to Gulen directly, and the bloody conspiracy was prevented by reaching out the names one by one before 24 June.”

If it was not for the intervention of Gulen, it would be possible that the target (Allah protected) of the trap set by Erdogan was going to be just like Sedat Peker stated before the date of the conspiracy:

“…after we hang them on trees and flagpoles, we will go into their prisons as well. We will hang them in prisons too. We will hang them from their necks, to the flagpoles.”


This statement could have been made immediately after 24 June.

What prevented this?

A few reasons spring to mind. The first one was stated in the beginning of the text:

The danger of “bringing the members of The Gulen Movement under suspicion”.

Probably this trap was intercepted back in 24 June, everything necessary was done, but was not publicized in order to avoid bringing the innocent people under suspicion when the news would be heard.

Another reason might be to avoid the volunteers and the relatives of The Gulen Movement, who are still in prison, to face a new kind of anxiety and fear.

And another reason might be to avoid the intelligence organizations to place someone they want instead of the people, who participated “knowingly”, “unknowingly”, or “after it was successful” just like in July 15th, and since this is the most strategic one in my opinion, which requires us to take of our hats.

However, this is not possibly for now anymore. They were uncovered. If we understood correctly, they had already found out who is what, and had already taken measures. For the next attempt, this sentence is pretty explanatory: “…must be rejected together with their messages, regardless of their level of affiliation.”

The comment made by Adem Yavuz Arslan is important: “Just like they did on July 15th, AKP and the intelligence extensions are trying to make an operation over The Gulen Movement to achieve their political goals. This is a process where everybody needs to be very careful.”


Gulen Movement is one of the most pacifist and reconciliatory organisations in the world with its criteria and principles. Hundreds of thousands of Gulen volunteers have been treated like terrorists. Not even one of them resisted with a flick. They did not rise or speak a single bad word against the security forces, which are under the control of the AKP government. Turkey and the world are witnesses for this. This is what matters.

No sheep skin can hide the wolf for a long time. The masses, who are not blinded by the propaganda of the media, should already know who the real terrorists are. The thief is obvious, the police is obvious, the innocent is obvious, and the killer is obvious. “The emperor has no clothes” is known by everybody.

“July 15th is not being bought by anybody anymore, except the ones who are hypnotised. The exhaust-clogged tanks with a t-shirt are only the theme of caricatures now. Serife Bacilar’s makeup is gone, and only the text on a truck remains.

The Gulen Movement is once burned twice shy right now, and no “24 Junes” has even the slightest chance. Cevheri Güven also points out the same hope: “The people, who state that they have messages from The Gulen Movement or Fethullah Gulen, which is the number one agenda of MIT (National Security Organisation), would not be able to go beyond the stance and the principles which are underlined in this statement.”

The original Turkish version of the article above first appeared at tr/724/com and translated by Politurco.

Veysel Ayhan is the editor-in-chief of tr/724/com.

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Veysel Ayhan
Veysel Ayhan
Veysel Ayhan is the Editor-in-Chief of tr724.com.

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