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Ali Yeşildağ Reveals Secrets About President Tayyip Erdoğan’s Involvement in Corruption and Bribery

Raising attention with his revelations about the bribery and corruption of government representatives and ministers, Ali Yeşildağ has been revealing secrets about President Tayyip Erdoğan, whom he claims himself so close to the extent of calling him ‘bro’, especially in his last two videos. Yeşildağ claims Erdoğan is an equal partner in all the ‘guaranteed payment’ projects carried out by the gang of five, i.e., the owners of the largest five conglomerates supporting the Erdoğan regime financially in return for lucrative projects! Yeşildağ also claims each member in the extended Erdoğan family is a dollar billionaire, where Tayyip Erdoğan himself has a fortune of several hundred billion dollars.

Yeşildağ claims the incumbent regime considers even the recent devastating earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş and neighboring provinces in February 2023 as an opportunity for gaining more money.

  • The new (third) airport in Istanbul. It entirely belongs to Bro Tayyip. The subcontractors there were all trustees. He shuttered the previous (Ataturk International) airport in a manner it should never open again. Bulldozers rampaged the premises and it (the runways) was demolished. Guess who the demolisher was Yapı Holding. Who owns this holding? It is Bilal Erdoğan’s by half. He is 50 percent partner in there…
  • Even if they discover oil or natural gas in Turkey or if they make 100 billion dollars’ worth of discoveries of such, nothing will be passed down to people. They will set up their scheme up above and arrange the distribution. The role assigned to you as common people is to ponder how you will make ends meet with your low salaries you earn without lifting your head up. Because if you look up, you will see the thefts.
  • Nowadays, not even one can say, ‘I received a tender from the AKP without giving any bribe. I swear on my honor and dignity, this is true. The system works to keep the contractor under the party’s and its president’s control, include him in the ranks of corruption and embezzlement if he keeps giving money to the higher ups… Who is the higher up? Bro Tayyip, of course…
  • Bro Tayyip’s only concern is to have his son Bilal replace him in ruling (or ruining) the country. His son-in-law Berat (Albayrak) went to the United States. He used to think he would succeed his father-in-law. He left for the US when he discovered the truth.
  • On December 17, 2013, they (the Erdoğan family) took 1 billion dollars in cash out of their residences. That incident is not a baseless one. Bro Tayyip, Sis Emine, Bilal, Sümeyye, Ziya… They are thieves as a family! I wonder what Bro Tayyip will do with all that money!
  • I know your personal fortune; several hundred billion dollars! You’re a dollar billionaire. Your children are dollar billionaires too. All of them… Your brother Mustafa, your brother-in-law Ziya are dollar billionaires. What will you do with so much money? Bro Tayyip, no dictator in this world could ever enjoy spending his money. I don’t see how you think you can spend it anyway…
  • I am the ‘inside man’. I was among you; I am not an outsider. They are not religious, they are religion-mongers. You will not find a single man who prays in their circle. Bro Tayyib’s brother Mustafa Erdoğan is an atheist. One day he said, “Ali, my dear, religion is opium. You can console people with religion.” I was not alone there. Oh, there were others with us… Mustafa drinks…
  • Bro Tayyip, I’ve written to you many times. I said, “Let the chips fall where they may.” I’ve written many times. I demand my rights. I’m wanted. They search for me. They do not give money to my household, my wife, my children… They do not pay my children’s school fees… What would happen if you gave me my money? I want what I deserve as my right… I told you, and everyone heard me. You turned my life into an arabesque song. You made my children grow up without a father. You didn’t give me a life to live.
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