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Amidst Political Turmoil, Will Bahçeli Resort to an Early Election Strategy?

Necip F. Bahadir

MHP is at the center of discussions due to the ‘Sinan Ateş’ assassination… Almost every day, ‘new information and news’ that cast suspicion on MHP are emerging in the public eye. A prosecutor, who wrote a weak indictment and thus is accused by the public of deliberately obscuring the evidence, did no favors for MHP. Although he kept MHP out of the indictment, the public has placed MHP right at the heart of the murder. The prosecutor has left both the judiciary and MHP under a cloud of accusation.

While all fingers are pointing at MHP, what Bahçeli would say was a matter of curiosity. Would he have a response?

While everyone was paying attention to the MHP leader’s group speech, one sentence he said caught my attention. He said: “I assume that each of you, except for a few incidents, arrived safely at the Parliament this morning. Thank goodness no one blocked your way…!”

Where did that come from now? Who would block the path of MHP deputies? Bandits or the state security forces? What did Bahçeli mean? What kind of psychology is this?

Is this statement an expression of being caught red-handed and fear? What is the cause of this fear or even nightmare? Isn’t MHP part of the government? Aren’t the bureaucracy of the Ministries of Interior and Justice entirely MHP members? The place he mentioned is not a remote corner of the country or a mountain top, but the capital, Ankara… Why did Bahçeli feel the need to emphasize that MHP deputies were able to come to the Parliament safely through the streets of Ankara? Why did he ironically say, “Thank goodness!” for their paths not being blocked? Is there something the public doesn’t know or hasn’t heard? Is MHP expecting an operation against it? Who was the message for?

Fear speaks!
These two sentences must be decoded… From my own perspective, with a bit of courage given by experience, I will try to decrypt the codes loaded into the words.

Two reasons come to mind for Bahçeli’s fear: the first is the Sinan Ateş assassination, and the other is an operation within the Ankara Police Department… And he might be facing an overt or covert threat from Erdoğan.

MHP members are involved in the killing of Ateş. His wife Ayşe Hanım is screaming for ‘justice’ on the screens… Sinan Ateş was aware of his impending murder. He told the officials he met, “They have decided to kill me. They have broken my pen.”; his wife said this…

Those who ordered the killing and the triggermen are within MHP… It remains to be seen how far this extends, to be revealed by the judiciary. But not during this period. The arrows from the public have pierced the armor of immunity. “Is Bahçeli the secret defendant in the Sinan Ateş assassination?” is a question being asked everywhere. ‘Being caught red-handed and fear’ make one say these sentences. Because the fear of murder is like no other.

He didn’t touch on the Sinan Ateş issue!
Interestingly, in Devlet Bahçeli’s long speech, he jumped from topic to topic from Eurovision to the Committee of Union and Progress but did not touch on the Sinan Ateş issue. He should have had something to say about all those allegations. He should have answered the questions formed in the public’s mind. At least he should have poured a bucket of water to extinguish the fire in Mrs. Ayşe’s heart. Is the Sinan Ateş issue something to be overlooked and ignored for MHP?

The ‘operation’ within the Ankara Police Department might have panicked Bahçeli. Dig a little under the three dismissed police officers and you find MHP. Is Bahçeli’s MHP plotting an operation against Erdoğan?

The claim is serious: adding names like Bekir Bozdağ and Mücahit Arslan from the AKP to the Ayhan Bora Kaplan file… How true is this claim? It’s debatable. Or is there an operation within the operation? Could MHP dare such an operation? If cornered, maybe as a last resort…

When the MHP leader mentioned this issue in his speech, he seemed to be in a rush of guilt; “We are aware of all the illegal networks and connections happening. A conspiracy that cannot be dismissed with the suspension of a few police directors is in motion. The target is MHP, AK Party, the People’s Alliance, and Turkey. The top of the police, judiciary, and media extensions must be mounted.”

He says the target of the three policemen was MHP… Why MHP? There is no MHP name in the file. That’s why I say ‘a rush of guilt’.

The operation didn’t stop with the suspension of three police officers. Their homes and offices were raided, searches were conducted. Then they were detained. A surprise? No. Isn’t there anyone who doesn’t know that AKP would respond heavily and harshly to a move against it? If so, their sense is in doubt. I understand MHP’s political move, but what I really wonder is how those three policemen dared to do this? Why did they burn themselves? I can hardly believe that they didn’t consider such an outcome.

‘Even if nothing is happening, something is happening!’
Looking at the scene, it’s possible to say that the ‘dove fight’ between AKP and MHP is in full swing. The advantage of moves is with the AKP… MHP is cornered. Caught red-handed. Desperately looking for a way out. In both the Sinan Ateş discussions and the operation in the Ankara Police Department, ‘AKP’s hand’ is clearly felt, even seen. Faced with this helplessness, what can Bahçeli’s MHP do? What it has done before; switch to the opposition ranks and play the early election card. But the strings are also in Erdoğan’s hands. Caught badly in both incidents.

As you can see, Bahçeli’s disturbed psychology is not without reason. I hope I have been able to explain why he said ‘Thank goodness!’ that the deputies were able to come to Parliament safely without their paths being blocked. And I hope I have understood it correctly.

I have listened to Bahçeli a lot. It’s the first time I see him speaking in ‘fear and guilt’. ‘Even if nothing is happening, something is happening.’

Diagnoses and determinations by psychologists and psychiatrists may differ, but my answer to the question “What’s happening!” is this. You might ask, “Why does Bahçeli’s psychology, his state of mind concern you?” In one word, because it concerns Turkey… Despite everything, Bahçeli is still a significant power center… Aren’t you aware of that? If Bahçeli’s psychology is disturbed, can the state and the government be healthy?

Why do you think there are mind-boggling operations these days?

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