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AST Documentary: Innocence Under Siege – Stories of Resilience and Struggle in Turkish Children

The documentary “The Other Children,” produced by the US-based Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST), will be released on June 1, World Children’s Day. It focuses on the stories of children, the most vulnerable victims of human rights violations in Turkey. The film reveals the profound effects on children of the witch-hunt carried out against opponents by the authorities following the coup attempt on July 15.

A total of 86 children, including 21 infants, have lost their lives for various reasons. Over 3,000 children have grown up in prison with their mothers throughout this process. According to the latest official figures, 552 children are still in prison with their mothers. Hundreds of children have been forced to leave their homeland with their families. The stories you will see in this documentary reflect the deep pain and difficulties our children have experienced.

The documentary tells the tragedies experienced by the children of dismissed civil servants and those under terror investigation. Children, whose mother or father was imprisoned, share their struggles with separation anxiety, financial difficulties, and social exclusion, and how these affected their education and social lives.

In particular, the personal stories of children like Ahmet Burhan, Furkan, and Naime, accidents occurring while visiting family members in prison, and difficulties on visiting days are some of the most touching moments of the documentary. These stories highlight not only the familial bonds of children in Turkey but also the struggles they endure to survive.

“The Other Children” also addresses issues such as peer bullying and political propaganda that children face in school. The documentary emphasizes the impacts of such victimization on the academic achievement and mental health of children.

The producers aim to reinforce a sense of justice and solidarity in humanity with the documentary. It reminds viewers of the need to pay more attention to the rights and happiness of children.

“The Other Children” will be released on various platforms on June 1, aiming to draw attention to these significant issues. It invites everyone to take the necessary steps to ensure a safer world for children to grow up in and to build a fairer society.

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