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Attempted Execution in Turkish Prison

Fresh details are emerging regarding the midnight ‘execution’ attempt at Elazığ Prison in Turkey. During the assault, the attackers reportedly shouted, “We are the deep state. We’ve avenged Ömer Halisdemir,” followed by eerie howls reminiscent of dogs.

Accounts from the victims’ families identify the culprits as Gültekin Alan and Fırat, both detainees. Gültekin Alan is said to have ties to the ‘mafia’ and had previously been incarcerated at Diyarbakır Prison. He identifies himself as part of the ‘Ülkücü Mafia,’ and sources suggest he questions the legitimacy of the July 15 coup attempt, asserting the innocence of the Gülen movement.

Social media user İrem Demirkale shared insights gleaned from the victims’ families. Following the attack, the perpetrators allegedly emitted howls reminiscent of ‘dogs.’ Demirkale’s post reads:

“During an open visit, two detainees held in Elazığ for my father’s case disclosed that the attackers were Gültekin Alan and Fırat. Their chilling declaration was, ‘We are the deep state, we’ve avenged Ömer Halisdemir,’ coupled with eerie howling.”

A close associate of General Erhan Caha recounted that General Caha was placed in the same communal area as Gültekin Alan, noting Gültekin’s prior record of similar incidents. Despite repeated complaints and petitions from his wife, no corrective measures were reportedly taken.

caha 1
General Erhan Caha

Despite the proximity of General Caha’s cell to that of Mr. Mennan, and his family’s understandable concern and quest for information, the prison authorities have remained uncommunicative. The question remains: How will true accountability be upheld for these apparent oversights?

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