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Bahçeli’s Bold Ultimatum: Paving the Way for Early Elections in Turkey?

Necip F. Bahadir

As I pondered MHP’s Semih Yalçın’s statement that “Bahçeli’s ring was purely coincidental,” MHP leader Bahçeli dropped a bombshell. His message this time is not subliminal; it is direct and clear to everyone. After this, nothing will ever be the same.

The sounds of cracking coming from the alliance shook the ground and sky. A surprise? Not at all. We’ve written about it many times! It was clear as day that Bahçeli had had enough. On the same day, Erdoğan met with both CHP leader Özgür Özel and Ayşe Ateş, the wife of the murdered former leader of the Ülkü Ocakları, Sinan Ateş…

Could someone as sensitive as Devlet Bahçeli stomach this? Both meetings have implications for MHP. While he was still digesting last week’s hosting of Meral Akşener at the Palace…

What did Bahçeli say? These sentences mark a turning point in Turkish politics: “If MHP is considered and described as a barrier to the sustained atmosphere of normalization and softening that has been ordered… If there is a broad consensus on this matter, our duty is to make any sacrifice for our country and our people, and to do what is necessary with peace of mind.”

It seems that Erdoğan’s acceptance of Ayşe Ateş, the wife of the murdered Sinan Ateş, also greatly disturbed Bahçeli. The only obstacle to the ‘softening’ process is MHP Wow, look at that statement. Who initiated the ‘softening policy’? No one but Erdoğan. Who said, “It should be permanent, not temporary!”? That was Erdoğan again. Who moved to soften the harsh and polarizing climate of politics? None other than Erdoğan. Who named the process ‘softening’? Of course, it was Erdoğan. Doesn’t Bahçeli know this? How could he not? Last week, he clearly stated, “We are not part of the softening policy!” Erdoğan didn’t even bother to respond. On the contrary, he pressed further.

Today, there’s only one answer to who is the obstacle to the softening initiated by Erdoğan; MHP… Is it only the AKP members who think this?

No. All parties… Even the ordinary person on the street knows that as long as MHP exists, AKP cannot soften in the areas of ‘democracy and law’.

MHP is the sole obstacle to the implementation of ECHR decisions… The restrictive policies manifested in the Interior and Justice Ministries that need to be softened, the great barrier is MHP. MHP has confined AKP to a tight space, practically mortgaging Erdoğan… Is there anyone who doesn’t see this, who doesn’t know this? MHP is nothing but a shackle on the legs of AKP’s power and Erdoğan. Many within AKP are also uncomfortable with this.

What did MHP do in the March 31 elections? MHP did nothing in the March 31 elections. While Erdoğan was visiting several provinces a day, Bahçeli didn’t step out of Ankara. He didn’t even visit cities where MHP was strong, like Manisa or Mersin. Is it possible that AKP members did not see this fact while analyzing the March 31 defeat? Of course not.

Moreover, one of the main reasons for the defeat on March 31 is the dark shadow of MHP over the AKP government. MHP has become an unbearable burden for AKP. Both Erdoğan and the AKP’s leadership are aware of this. Although they don’t openly admit it in public, they whisper among themselves that MHP can no longer be carried.

“If we are the barrier to softening…” says Bahçeli, “We’ll do what’s necessary.”

Turkey witnesses; yes, you are the barrier to both softening and normalization. So much so that you cannot even tolerate the existence of the Constitutional Court. Do you think that your comments to the President of the Constitutional Court, calling him ‘Ey Zühtü’, did not disturb the AKP members?

While AKP plans a broader execution arrangement focusing on drugs and organized crimes, aren’t you the one challenging AKP? Even ordinary citizens know that the AKP government is under the captivity of MHP.

Erdoğan’s reciprocal visit to CHP leader Özgür Özel is also another cause of discomfort… MHP is the most significant barrier to law! MHP is the most significant barrier to softening, to democracy, to law. Instead of removing that barrier, AKP has turned it into a ‘Berlin Wall’. And it became a ‘wall of shame’.

As MHP, you are alone. AKP is sharing important pillars of power with you in a way you don’t deserve. It handed over the judiciary and security staff to you. The revelations in the Sinan Ateş murder case are the most significant proof of this. You conspired with Süleyman Soylu in Ankara Security to set up Ali Yerlikaya. And you were overwhelmed by your own game. Are you not aware of this?

The necessary action: ‘early elections’ card! Yes, now is the time to ‘do what’s necessary’… It’s time to do what you know best, and even that time is passing. Playing the early election card is your only way out. Before, the initiative and choice were yours. This time, not by choice but by necessity… You have led your party and Turkey onto the ‘mandatory direction’ path. Go ahead and ‘do what’s necessary’.

Semih Yalçın no longer has the chance to say, “You misunderstood!” Everyone understood exactly what you meant. You also explained it correctly. You backpedaled in your song reference, in your message about the ring. You can’t backpedal from here.

The alliance has long been over! There is another striking paragraph in Devlet Bahçeli’s speech. These words are not to be taken seriously. It could be a joke. But the situation isn’t one to be joked about: “Considering the continuous muddying of waters by the discontented faction within the AK Party, the formation of a broad-based alliance between the AK Party and the CHP, with the support of the other elements of the table of six, is the sincere wish and hope of MHP.”

Bahçeli has long since ended the People’s Alliance in his mind. Look, he’s suggesting a new formula. Weren’t you the one who heavily criticized the nation alliance forming the table of six, calling them ‘disgrace’? How could you sincerely wish for an alliance between them and AKP. Are you joking? Wasn’t DEM under the table somewhere? I understand, these lines express the deep resentment and anger toward Erdoğan.

The People’s Alliance is about to fall! The creaking People’s Alliance is about to fall… The thinning thread between AKP and MHP is about to snap. To catch the right moment, Erdoğan wants to win Bahçeli’s heart and gain a bit more time. The vase isn’t just cracked, it’s shattered, turned to dust. This vase cannot return to its former state, but can it be repaired? For Erdoğan, the ballot box is not the right time.

Citizens are exhausted from the cost of living. Turkey is entering the most inactive Eid al-Adha. Neither the seller nor the buyer is satisfied. An early election would be a disaster for the government. Does Bahçeli care? He didn’t care in 2002. Why should he now…

I also think that Bahçeli’s ultimatum ‘to do what’s necessary’ will evolve into an early election. The CHP, with the wind at its back and sails billowing, is looking for an opportunity. Özgür Özel’s time to enter the game and take to the field has come. Bahçeli from within, Özel from outside, must bring the ballot box before the people.

MHP Leader has turned the key to the early election lock… This ultimatum won’t stop here. Following this, Erdoğan’s mysterious meetings last week with Abdullah Gül and Meral Akşener also fall into place.

Politics is now pregnant with an early election…

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