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Bedridden Inmate Mustafa Said Türk Taken to Forensic Medicine; Awaits Report for Possible Release

In a recent development, 86-year-old bedridden inmate Mustafa Said Türk has been transported to the Forensic Medicine Institute in Istanbul for a crucial “assessment report.” Türk, who suffers from a 98% disability, underwent a thorough examination at the Forensic Medicine facility just yesterday. The focus now turns to the eagerly anticipated report from the Forensic Medicine Institute. Upon receiving the expected “unfit for imprisonment” report, the prosecution is likely to consider a “postponement of execution” for Türk. His family anxiously awaits the release of Mustafa Said Türk from incarceration.

Türk, who received a 10-year prison sentence as part of the controversial religious community investigations, had his request for a postponement of execution rejected by the Manisa 3rd Heavy Penal Court. Approximately two weeks ago, he was admitted to prison, despite being in a bedridden condition. Türk’s health took a turn for the worse on the very same day, prompting an emergency transfer to the hospital.

Following a two-day stay, during which time he remained under close medical supervision, the 98% disabled Türk was subsequently returned to prison.

However, on August 14th, he was readmitted to the hospital. Regrettably, Türk’s hospitalization was deemed “inappropriate,” leading to his re-incarceration just the day before yesterday.

The key to Mustafa Said Türk’s potential release lies in the forthcoming report from the Forensic Medicine Institute. Notably, it has come to light that the Forensic Medicine Institute requested Türk’s presence in Istanbul to facilitate the issuance of the report.

Sources indicate that Türk was transported to the Forensic Medicine Institute yesterday, where he underwent comprehensive medical examinations and evaluations. The expected outcome, a report paving the way for Mustafa Said Türk’s release, will likely prompt the prosecution to consider a “postponement of execution.”

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