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Belgium’s Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo’s Attendance at Fedactio Iftar Causes Stir in Ankara


An iftar event organized by the Federation of Active Associations (Fedactio) in Antwerp, Belgium, on the first day of Ramadan, has drawn criticism from the Erdoğan regime following the attendance of Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

The event, which also saw the participation of Justice Minister Paul Van Tigchelt, led to the summoning of Belgium’s ambassador to Turkey by the Turkish Foreign Ministry in Ankara for an explanation, highlighting the diplomatic tension the participation has sparked.

According to La Dernier Heure, the involvement of Prime Minister De Croo in the iftar, hosted by Fedactio—a body linked to the Hizmet Movement—on March 11, was not well received in Ankara. The newspaper, citing a European diplomat, reported that Belgian’s ambassador was asked by Turkish officials to clarify the action.

The Prime Minister’s office has confirmed these reports, stating that De Croo’s attendance followed an invitation and was conducted without any political motives, emphasizing the purely social nature of his participation.

The iftar, held at the historic Hilton Old Town Hotel, was attended by not only political figures like De Croo and Van Tigchelt, but also Open Vld Party Chairman Tom Ongena, Professor of Political Science Dave Sinardet, Federal MPs Marianne Verhaert and Nahima Lanjri, Human Rights Defense League (Liga Voor Mensenrechten) President Kati Verstrepen, European Parliament candidates Liesbeth Sommen (CD&V) and Willem-Alexander Schiltz (Open VLD), and artist Eva de Roovere, bringing together 400 prominent guests from politics, academia, business, and civil society.

In his remarks at the iftar, Prime Minister De Croo expressed his honor in being part of Fedactio’s Ramadan celebration, highlighting the importance of communal living and expressing solidarity with Gaza, further underscoring the event’s focus on peace and unity.

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