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Brigadier General Kubilay Selçuk’s Defense Revealed: July 15 Was Prepared; Turkish Armed Forces Completely Purged and Undermined

Brigadier General Kubilay Selçuk, who was one of the 171 generals for whom an arrest warrant was issued by Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor of Ankara Necip Cem İşçimen during the chaos and coup night of July 15, said that the society’s division into camps began before July 15 and the groundwork was laid for July 15. Selçuk, who was sentenced to 141 life imprisonments on the false accusation of being a member of the so-called “Peace Council in the Homeland,” stated, “As a former soldier who has served the Turkish Armed Forces for 41 years with genuine dedication, I am not a conspirator. I am not a coup plotter. I am someone who has been arrested for political reasons and being tried with baseless allegations.”

The defense presented by former Commander of the Çiğli 2nd Main Jet Base Brigadier General Kubilay Selçuk, who is being tried in the General Staff Roof case by the Ankara 4th Heavy Penal Court (Interpol terms them Central Criminal Courts), has come to light, but the facts about the defendants’ defenses have not been made public until now, except for the one-sided information conveyed to the public regarding July 15. However, a group of discharged aviation officers, who feel obliged to share the truth with the public, have started sharing their defenses, in which they reveal the undisclosed truth about July 15, through the “Did You Know These about July 15?” information series on their YouTube channel.

First, the defense of Brigadier General Kubilay Selçuk, the former Commander of the Çiğli 2nd Main Jet Base, was shared with the public.

Selçuk, who stated in his defense at the trial held at the Sincan Prison Campus, highlighted the following points:


“Today, I would like to begin my defense by stating the final points. As a former soldier who has genuinely dedicated 41 years of his life to the Turkish Armed Forces, I am not a conspirator. I am not a member of the so-called Council of Fabrication. I have never been any of those. I am not a coup plotter. I am someone who has been arrested for political reasons and is being tried with the same baseless and groundless accusations.

Reluctantly, I will also evaluate the political background of the savagery and massacre that occurred at the level of this political conspiracy and what kind of future it will bring.”


Selçuk explained how the groundwork was prepared and how certain individuals were used as pawns to divide the society into camps before July 15:

“A significant portion of the transmission of the name lists was provided by someone who was skillful, excessively ambitious, and vengeful by nature, as one of the famous suspicious figures of the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon trials, which were inherently involved in such matters.

“To put it briefly, let’s call this person ‘the list-maker.’ They are very skillful because their achievements are remarkable. Through all media outlets, they started with propaganda that at least 30% of the Turkish Armed Forces were FETÖ members.

Yes, at first, no one speaks out against it. This is the place where it was said to the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon people, ‘the field is yours.’ This is where the process began in which people would be deceived and the process of consuming their children started.

They realized that the environment was suitable, there was no one to hold them back, so they quickly developed this 30% to reach up to 80%. Yet, still no one speaks out, no one says anything. They continued to mature the plot, create scenarios, and make false accusations.

image 17


Moreover, here comes the question that you can immediately guess:

On the night of July 15, Prosecutor Necip İşçimen, at 22:08, detected the aircraft flying over Ankara and in the 57th minute, at 23:05, he suddenly found information, documents, and managed to create lists demanding the immediate arrest of 171 generals. Most of these 171 individuals were not active in any field that night.

For example, some of them were at the camp, even contacting relevant ministers and bureaucrats, asking for assistance. And what happened? Life imprisonment for them.

On the other hand, then Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar saw that the enemy had initiated an attack from a turbine, but unfortunately, for some reason, he deliberately and intentionally did not inform the unit commanders with him, especially the Commander-in-Chief, saying that there was deliberate information about an attack.

“It is not at all possible to explain this.”

He did not even inform the Force Commanders, saying, ‘Look, there is such an alert.’ It is not at all possible to explain this.”

Brigadier General Selçuk, in his defense, expressed that a great blow was dealt to the Turkish Armed Forces and many soldiers were unjustly accused and caught up in a grave mistake, stating:

“If it weren’t for the level-headedness and self-restraint of the military, a much greater disaster would have occurred.”

I openly and honestly state with a clear conscience that on that day, amid the chaos, the 7-8 thousand soldiers who found themselves in that situation responded with an unequivocal “yes” to the question posed by the Chief of General Staff one month before July 15: “If I were to give you an order that I know will end in certain death for you, would you obey it without question and carry it out without hesitation?” That night, they also acted without question, showing absolute obedience to the order. However, when certain signs emerged, here comes the critical part: the 7-8 thousand soldiers asked themselves the question “maybe,” and when they understood the situation, they acted with wisdom and self-restraint, using all their strength to minimize the casualties and extinguish the chaos.

“If it weren’t for their level-headedness and self-restraint, it would have been impossible to prevent an armed uprising involving 7-8 thousand soldiers.”

If they had contributed to the chaos instead of preventing it with their wisdom and self-restraint, as they were accused of being coup plotters, anyone can imagine that the estimated casualties in an armed uprising involving 7-8 thousand soldiers with their existing weapons could have reached much higher numbers. In other words, no one could have prevented this uprising.

“I am honored to have been able to prevent it.”

Today, even though this act of defiance may not be desired to be seen and known, it is my honor to be one of those who achieved it and prevented the chaos.

“The nation’s own sons were sacrificed in a conspiracy.”

In the near future, this nation will realize that they were deceived and that their own sons, who have repeatedly proven that they would willingly sacrifice themselves for the homeland and the nation, were subjected to a great conspiracy and thrown into prisons.

“We saw that members of the General Staff did not become victims with their weapons.”

I have always talked about acting with self-restraint. Now, without taking up too much of your time, let’s look at some examples of acting with self-restraint.

July 15:

As we know, attempts at lynching have spread in society like a disease. On the night of July 15, there was a crowd that intended to lynch the General Staff. However, we saw how members of the General Staff approached such a major chaos with wisdom and self-restraint, not only in their own defenses but also in the examination of the defendant Murat Korkmaz. We saw that members of the General Staff did not become victims with their weapons.

If we look at other chaotic areas, armored units and tank convoys equipped with heavy weapons, when faced with law enforcement forces or civilians armed with light weapons, returned to their units without engaging in any conflict through communication without giving rise to any clashes.

“The media broadcast manipulated images.”

However, television channels aired images manipulated and taken out of context. Will those who feel the need to distort the truth have the courage to disclose and publish the matrix that shows the results of the crime scene investigation?

Even now, there is no explanation for the fact that ballistic examinations have not been conducted, witnesses have not been summoned, and witnesses who were secretly taken away in special sessions. Can they explain these issues?

“The Turkish Armed Forces have been completely purged and undermined.”

I believe there is no need to say anything more. With the arrest, dismissal, and retirement of around 50,000 personnel, the Turkish Armed Forces have been completely purged and undermined.

Now, the question of “what is being attempted” is gradually becoming more apparent in people’s minds every day.

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