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Cargo Ship Advances from Ukraine to Turkey Despite Russian Blockade

A cargo ship continues its journey from Ukraine to Turkey despite the ongoing Russian blockade, defying obstacles. A spokesperson for the Schulte Group, owner of the container ship “Joseph Schulte” flying the Hong Kong flag, has indicated that the vessel is expected to reach Istanbul “likely this evening.”

In the aftermath of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain agreement on July 17th, the first cargo ship to depart Ukraine is making its way towards Turkey, undeterred by the Russian blockade.

The container ship named “Joseph Schulte,” flying the Hong Kong flag, departed from Ukraine’s Odessa port on Wednesday, despite Russia’s threats of ship destruction.

A spokesperson for the Hamburg-based Schulte Group mentioned that the ship is anticipated to arrive in Istanbul “likely this evening.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the cargo ship is utilizing a “new humanitarian corridor” established by Kiev.

Ukraine’s Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov further clarified that the new corridor, primarily intended for evacuating ships stranded during the Russian occupation, will be employed starting February 2022.

Last weekend, Russia fired warning shots at a cargo ship en route to Izmail, a port on the Danube River in southern Ukraine.

Could the Danube Corridor Serve as an Alternative? Both Ukraine and Russia are significant exporters of grain and seed oil. Last year’s grain agreement played a role in stabilizing global food prices and serving as a vital income source for Ukraine to sustain its ongoing conflict.

Currently, Ukraine relies on the Danube River for grain exports.

A substantial portion of this traffic follows the river, reaching the Black Sea from the border between Ukraine and Romania.

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