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Cem Yılmaz Talks New Film ‘Do Not Disturb’ and the Certainty of Knowledge

In a recent interview with Muammer Brav from T24, on September 25, 2023, renowned actor, director, and comedian Cem Yılmaz shed light on his upcoming film ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Before the film’s release, Yılmaz shared some key insights into the project, explaining that it drew inspiration from Ömer Kavur’s ‘Anayurt Oteli’ and aimed to prompt audiences to acknowledge their own uncertainties.

Set to premiere on Netflix on September 29, ‘Do Not Disturb’ tells the story of Ayzek, a character from the Karakomik Films series. The film features a talented ensemble cast, including Nilperi Şahinkaya, Celal Kadri Kınoğlu, Bülent Şakrak, Özge Özberk, and Ahsen Eroğlu.

The film’s title, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ carries a deliberate connection to the theme of being disturbed. Yılmaz elaborated on this, explaining that one of the characters in the film explicitly says, “Don’t disturb me,” highlighting the mutual disturbances among the characters. Yılmaz also pointed out that in real life, people either encounter each other face-to-face or, as exemplified by Nilperi’s character, interact in the virtual world, inevitably causing friction and disturbance. He expressed his hope that people would refrain from bothering one another, which led to the choice of the film’s title.

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Yılmaz acknowledged the influence of ‘Anayurt Oteli,’ a film adapted by Ömer Kavur from Yusuf Atılgan’s novel. He humbly admitted that his literary prowess didn’t match that of the masters, but it was a common aspiration for amateur artists to draw inspiration from such accomplished figures.

When asked about the characters in ‘Do Not Disturb,’ Yılmaz emphasized their shared traits, describing them as having a devilish quality and a tendency to resemble one another. This resemblance extended beyond the film’s unique characters and their abilities to their propensity for offering knowledge and opinions. Yılmaz highlighted a line from the film where a character expresses fatigue at the abundance of opinions, only to reveal that he, too, possesses a strong viewpoint. Ultimately, Yılmaz explained that the film aimed to provoke thought about how confidently people hold their beliefs and knowledge.

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