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China and Turkey Forge Strategic Ties: Emphasizing Mutual Support and Cooperation

Strategic cooperation between China and Turkey takes center stage as Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Ankara concludes with significant developments. Following his meeting with Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan, Wang Yi conveyed a series of crucial messages emphasizing China’s support for Turkey’s legitimate rights and interests while rejecting any interference in its internal affairs.

With a mutual focus on enhancing bilateral relations and fostering strategic trust, both nations aim to explore various avenues of collaboration in areas such as trade, investments, and multilateral partnerships. As tensions rise with some Western countries, China calls on Turkey to champion the cause of developing markets and nations together, promoting a stronger global voice. Let’s delve into the highlights of this key diplomatic encounter and the potential implications for both countries and the international community.

The statement stated, “As developing markets and important countries in development, China and Turkey share broad interests and enormous potential for cooperation. China supports Turkey in finding a development path that suits its national conditions and ensures its national independence, sovereignty, and legitimate rights and interests.”

Support for Turkey’s role in the international arena Foreign Minister Wang also expressed their support for Turkey’s increasingly important role in regional and international affairs and their opposition to any interference in Turkey’s internal affairs.

Wang stated that they aim to strengthen strategic coordination with Turkey and called for enhanced synergy between the China-Turkey Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee, the Belt and Road Initiative, and Turkey’s Middle Corridor initiative. He also called for the development of bilateral cooperation mechanisms in areas such as energy, education, and culture.

Message of increasing imports, trade, and investments Wang mentioned that China aims to increase imports of high-quality Turkish goods and will encourage Chinese companies to invest and do business in Turkey. He also expressed support for companies from both countries to conduct trade in their own currencies.

Furthermore, Wang expressed China’s willingness to strengthen coordination and cooperation with Turkey within multilateral structures such as the United Nations (UN), G20, and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). He indirectly criticized Western countries and called on Turkey to raise the voice of developing markets and countries together.

Wang Yi urged Turkey to work together for “the real defense of multilateralism in the international arena, rejection of unilateralism, ensuring the stability of global supply chains, and strengthening stability in a changing and tumultuous world.”

China accuses Western countries of pursuing unilateral policies for their own interests, hindering the development of developing countries, and disrupting supply chains for their own gains.

According to the statement by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hakan Fidan also stressed Turkey’s great importance in developing relations with China. He stated that they reject claims that China’s economic and technological development poses a threat and oppose attempts to hinder China’s development and tarnish its reputation. Fidan also emphasized that Turkey will not allow activities that weaken China’s territorial integrity within its borders.

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