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Controversial Audio Recording Claims Spiritual Session Involving Prophet Muhammad’s Spirit and Erdogan’s Inner Circle


They say humor is made out of the inexplicable, you know. Journalist Cevheri Güven recently released an audio recording. I’ve known for a long time that the AKP faction and the Palace elite have been engaged in such mystical and magical affairs, and they have been preoccupied with such matters. Despite being aware of this, I must admit that Cevheri Guven’s published audio recording surprised even me. I couldn’t imagine they could reduce the subject to such a comical and theatrical dimension. When I listened to the recording, I was left amazed. I had been working on an article titled “Police Found a Time-Bomb in the Gülenist’s House, Unaware of It,” but I had to change course upon the emergence of this audio recording. I jumped from one humor to another, as you can understand.

Before delving into the details and getting to the point, I would like to mention one thing. As you may recall from the evidence records revealed during the Ergenekon trials that began in 2007, one thing that ‘upset’ me as much as the disclosed crimes in those recordings was the extremely broken and flawed Turkish used by the members of the mentioned organization in their communications. Many of the individuals whose voices were heard on the tapes were well-educated and knowledgeable people. As an educator, I was sad both for the quality of the education system and for the Ergenekon organization. Even if they are the enemy, I wanted to see someone who can put two sentences together and be reasonable in front of us!

The same impressions occurred in this latest audio recording as well. The people closest to Erdoğan, who act as his wise men, masters, and advisors, are incapable of speaking and asking questions coherently. This example alone is sufficient to explain why they are an organization that can’t produce any ideas beyond heroic slogans. Let’s make a joke; they might say that when the (so-called) spirit of a prophet they called comes, they are so excited that their tongues twist and turn.

Yes! About four years ago, Kadir Mısıroğlu, whom Erdoğan referred to as ‘my master,’ the leader of the Erenköy Community, Osman Nuri Topbaş, and a person named Ayhan Altınbaş, who is apparently the new aristocracy of the AKP and the political cult’s jester, gathered together, along with one or more officials involved in foreign affairs (but dealing with jinn matters in the video), and conducted a spiritual session. They allegedly summoned the spirits of the Prophet Muhammad and later Mahmud Hudayi, asking them absurd and nonsensical questions. Most of the answers they received from the woman’s body were incoherent, unrelated sentences. Just when the discussions were deepening, and topics like when Erdoğan would die and who would replace him were being discussed, Mısıroğlu suddenly interrupted and asked if his son’s former mother-in-law had done any magic to his son. He even received a response like, “Yes… that woman is an impudent woman.”

The established system is interesting! The alleged spirit is not called by confirmation methods like “Spirit, if you have come, tap three times, do this, do that.” Instead, a woman’s (supposed) body is used as a medium. The supposedly arrived spirit speaks through the woman’s voice, and a theater is staged, as if it is the spirit talking. There is no coherence in the supposed spirit’s responses. They consist of disjointed and irrelevant questions and answers. I’m leaving a few quotes below.

“He is doing wrong (Erdoğan), he is taking away people’s rights, he is coveting worldly wealth, he is making deals with the devil, working with those who work with devils. He is doing wrong, and I can’t explain it. He is doing wrong. He is doing wrong to those people. He covets worldly wealth. There were two people who supported him; they gave up on him, left him halfway. There was one more person with Fethullah [Gülen]. He got away, but he still can’t get rid of those above him. He is full. He will die. He will be finished by himself. He has two years left.”

Topbaş asks, “What do they say about me?” The supposed prophet’s response: “May Allah be pleased with you. Is there anything missing? No, you have surplus; you have no deficiencies, my teacher (the supposed prophet calling Topbaş “my teacher” is like the girl accidentally slipping it out, but pretending not to). May Allah be pleased with you.

‘Are there evil people around Tayyip?’

‘He is doing wrong to the state. They have unlawful things, oppression; they are openly selling the state, devouring the nation.

‘Are there names?’

No, I’ll tell you when I see them.

Our teacher, is there something he should do?

‘He will help him to salvation.’

As you can see, even though it was said in this recording, which should have been from at least four years ago, that “Tayyip has two years left, he will die,” it did not happen. The supposed spirit who knows the two deceiving people who know Erdogan doesn’t know their names! If they had seen them, they would have told them. This alone is enough to expose the staged theater.

Continuing the conversations, the seer says, “Khader (According to Islamic tradition Khader is the righteous servant of Allah possessing great wisdom or mystic knowledge (needs to have an urgent meeting with Erdogan” (again, using the woman’s body as a medium). Then the woman continues, “Either he will die, or the devil will kill him with a disease. They already said that. They told it to Özgür. Erdogan makes deals with the devil, works with those who work with devils. He is doing wrong. His family is also not recovering from the disease. They say they don’t like him because he messed up the state; sorry, they say they like him because he messed up the state. Can İbrahim Kalın come? No, he is useless.”

The supposed prophet’s spirit uses derogatory expressions like “shameless” and “useless” and indirectly fuels the conspiracy theories, saying “he is doing wrong to the state.” Then, they quickly summon the spirit of the supposed Aziz Hüdayi, with the seer directing, “Call Aziz Hüdayi, let him come into the body.” The woman immediately responds with, “I’ve come.” When the seer says, “Welcome,” they get the answer, “We are pleased to be here.” Then, they only ask the question, “Is he satisfied with thr Hüdayi Foundation? Is there enough service?” and send them back to the “world of spirits” right away.

So, just when you had the perfect setting to ask whether Erdogan will die or live, who will succeed him, etc., you find the mighty “Hüdayi” spirit, and all you do is ask, “Are you satisfied with the foundation?” and send them back! It’s like asking the genie that came out of the bottle, “How will the weather be tomorrow?” and sending it back into the bottle; you get the idea.

What do all these conversations show? Most likely, they organized a theater to manipulate some of the people present there and make them believe in something, to encourage them. Medium woman and the relevant individuals played their roles. The only other option would be that it’s a childish spirit-summoning session, and some mischievous spirits are making fun of those present; this is usually what happens in spirit-summoning sessions. Or, as I said, there might be no actual spirits, and the real deception of the spirits is being orchestrated by the actors in this theatrical play.

Furthermore, the statement, “Khader Aleyhisselam needs to have an urgent meeting with Erdogan,” may also aim to reach out, deliver a message, and perhaps later direct someone. Otherwise, if they knew who the real Khader was and what abilities he possessed, they would know that he could directly meet the person he wanted to see, without the need for intermediaries, saying things like, “Son, give the phone to your father!”

After listening to this entire audio recording, the only thing I wonder is whether they conveyed what was said in this session to Tayyip. Most likely not, because otherwise, the so-called spirits who made harsh accusations like “Erdogan is doing wrong, working with devils, taking away the rights of the people” would have immediately been declared traitors and FETÖ members. We said the same things years ago, and we were instantly labeled as terrorists; I know that from there!

This article was first published at TR724 on July 30, 2023 and translated into English by Politurco.

Ugur Tezcan is an educator and a columnist at TR724.

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