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Controversial Gathering in Turkey: Nazi Sympathizers Convene in Istanbul’s Maçka Park

Nazi sympathizers gathered in Maçka Park in Istanbul on August 30th. A photo from the gathering was shared with the caption, “We’re not afraid of anyone! We raised our flag in front of everyone.” Serbestiyet.com reported.

A user, claiming to have organized a gathering at Maçka Democracy Park on August 30th, shared a photo.

image 5

“We’re not afraid at all! On August 30th, in Maçka Park, we raised our flag in front of everyone; come and stop us if you can ;)” was the caption accompanying the photo, which showed four young individuals wearing masks and holding a Nazi flag.

Although the photo was deleted after a while, the user who shared it mentioned that they deleted the photo after being told to do so, stating, “I have no qualms about spreading antisemitism.”

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