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Detainees at Aksaray Prison of Turkey Allege Lack of Medical Care and Delayed Medications

In a concerning report, detainees at Aksaray Type-T Prison, Ahmet Göksu and Nusret Kaya, have come forward with allegations of inadequate medical care and delayed medication distribution.

During phone conversations with their families, Göksu and Kaya detailed the apparent legal violations they have experienced behind bars. Their primary grievances revolve around the failure to transport detainees to hospitals when needed and the sluggish administration of prescribed medications within the prison’s infirmary.

Ahmet Göksu, an inmate at Aksaray Type-T Prison, revealed that he had sought medical attention for a throat infection at the prison’s infirmary. However, he claimed that despite the infirmary doctor’s recommendation for a hospital transfer, no such transfer had occurred for an extended period. Furthermore, Göksu stated that it took a whopping 20 days for him to receive the medications prescribed by the infirmary doctor.

In addition to these medical concerns, Göksu’s family asserted that the prison administration has intensified its arbitrary practices and psychological pressure, leading to the imposition of solitary confinement on numerous detainees.

Nusret Kaya, another inmate at the same facility, echoed similar complaints. Kaya’s family revealed that he had endured an agonizing wait of nearly two years before finally being transported to a hospital for necessary medical care. They further noted their repeated requests for Kaya’s transfer to Iğdır, where his family resides, had gone unanswered.

These troubling allegations have raised serious questions about the treatment of detainees at Aksaray Type-T Prison and warrant a thorough investigation into the matter.

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