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Deteriorating Condition in Prison: Mustafa Said Türk Rehospitalized

It has come to light that due to the inadequacy of care within prison conditions, bedridden 86-year-old patient Mustafa Said Türk, who was sent to an ‘R’ type prison following the validation of his sentence by the Court of Cassation, has been readmitted to the hospital today. According to gathered information, Türk is currently in a state of nearly complete memory loss. Furthermore, Türk, who is unable to eat orally, is reported to have removed the tubes connected to his body.

In the meantime, the Human Rights Association (İHD) Istanbul Branch is set to issue a statement regarding Mustafa Said Türk’s situation in front of the branch tomorrow at 13:30.

Last week, Mustafa Said Türk, a 100% disabled individual whose 10-year prison sentence was upheld by the Court of Cassation, and whose request for execution postponement was denied, was initially transported to the hospital and subsequently sent to prison. Yesterday, he was discharged from the Manisa Merkezefendi State Hospital and sent back to prison in a bedridden state.


In a report dated August 9, 2023, issued by the Manisa Merkezefendi State Hospital, it was asserted that “He is unable to sustain his life under prison conditions. There is no need to delay the execution of his sentence. He exhibits a state of permanent illness and disability as defined by Article 104/2-B of the Turkish Constitution. It is necessary for him to remain in a closed/open type prison.” The report underscored Türk’s inability to independently endure life in prison, his severe and chronic illness, and the imperative for his incarceration. In light of this report, Mustafa Said Türk, who is grappling with grave disabilities and illness, and is being nourished through tubes, was transferred to prison on a stretcher yesterday. However, it has been divulged that Türk has been rehospitalized on the grounds that his continued confinement in prison is untenable.

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Severely Ill Elderly Patient Mustafa Said Türk’s Ability to Remain in Prison Report Provided by Doctors Kadir Damgaci, Ilkay Yuksel, Ercument Cavdar, Gulsen Damgaci, Sedat Bagdacicek, Turgay Bozkurt, Ozgur Yuksel, Haci Gokhan Apucu.

Sources have indicated that Mustafa Said Türk, who is said to have contracted a hospital-acquired infection, is experiencing a deterioration of his condition. His memory loss has intensified, and he no longer recognizes those around him. Shockingly, he has even extricated his feeding tubes with his own hands. Notwithstanding his advanced age, fragility, and illness, Mustafa Said Türk has not been granted release.

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