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Did the Bilal Erdogan Card Work for the US and Sweden?

The article written by former Turkish diplomat Ömer Murat on July 15 in Kronos News discusses the recent developments surrounding Turkish President Erdogan’s actions and negotiations with Sweden and the United States. Erdogan has used his veto power regarding Sweden’s NATO membership as leverage to demand the extradition of political opponents living in Sweden and Finland.

Despite Sweden not fulfilling these demands, a joint statement was issued, which did not include any commitment to extradite individuals. Additionally, an unexpected news report revealed an investigation into a complaint involving Bilal Erdogan, implicating him in bribery plans. This scandal served as a message to Erdogan, suggesting that corruption allegations could be brought forward.

The article examines the joint statement’s clauses and concludes that they lack substantial commitments, with Erdogan appearing to be influenced by behind-the-scenes negotiations. The article also highlights inconsistencies in the implementation of the joint statement’s provisions and questions the significance of the economic cooperation and promises made regarding Turkey’s EU accession process. The article suggests that the negotiations primarily took place between Biden and Erdogan, with the United States potentially using the F-16 fighter jet issue as leverage to bring Erdogan into line. The conclusion emphasizes the dramatic contrast between Erdogan’s inflated domestic narratives and his international weakness, particularly in relation to Turkey’s exclusion from the F-35 program.

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