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Did the Turkish Trustee establish a shell corporation in the United States?

It was claimed that Alparslan Baki Ertekin, who was appointed as a trustee at Boydak Holding seized because of a KHK (Kanun Hukmunde Kararname, Decree Law), transferred the resources of Boydak Holding through the shell corporation called Hudson Furniture LLC in the United States.

Esra Tugba, the daughter of Alparslan Baki Ertekin, had married recently and politicians including AKP’s Mahir Unal had attended the ceremony.

A new corruption scandal broke at Boydak Holding, which was seized by Turkish Government. It was claimed that Alparslan Baki Ertekin, who was appointed as a trustee to Boydak Group, transferred Boydak Holding’s resources through the shell corporation called Hudson Furniture LLC in the United States.

According to the scandalous claim, Sunset Furniture LLC, which was an already established company of Boydak Holding, was passivized and sales were transferred to Hudson Furniture LLC. In addition to this, all expenses are being paid by Boydak’s company Sunset Furniture. Furthermore, Mind Global Marketing LLC is claimed to be a part of this organization. It is a known fact that Hudson Furniture, which currently appears to be in the leased warehouse address of Sunset Furniture, uses phone numbers registered to Sunset Furniture.

Before the appointment of a trustee, the company, which had followed the commercial activities of Istikbal group in the USA and made a profit, was decommissioned through a trustee and the activities had been carried out through Hudson Furniture. On the other hand, Alparslan Baki Ertekin left the question “Do you have a relationship with Hudson Furniture” unanswered. There are also other claims that Ertekin’s daughter was bought a car through Boydak Holding and the expenses of the car were paid by the company.

The Boydak brothers were the owner of Boydak Holding, whose entire assets were seized.

Ertekin had admitted in a television program recently that he made business with Garanti Barter, which was established by a friend of his in Istanbul, in order to have the company produce for Istikbal Mobilya.

The corruption at the seized Boydak Holding expanded to TMSF (Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey).

According to the new documents revealed by Kronos News, TMSF Chairman Muhittin Gulal’s signature is on the corruption files of Ertunc Lacinel, the first trustee of Boydak Holding.

TMSF Chairman Muhittin Gulal

No investigation has been opened against the trustees, who were appointed to Boydak Holding, despite the surfacing of documented corruption files about them. According to the new documents revealed by Kronos, TMSF Chairman Muhittin Gulal’s name is also mentioned in the corruption files of former trustee Ertunc Lacinel.

The documents in question show the name of Gulal under the instruction which allowed the payment to the company established by Lacinel in Slovakia. It is alleged that Gulal has kept this corruption file under wraps and pulled some strings in order to prevent the corruption file of approximately 20 million Euros (130 million Turkish Liras) to end up in court.

Ertunc Lacinel, who was appointed as the first trustee to Kayseri-based Boydak Holding that was seized and transferred to TMSF through a KHK enacted under the conditions of OHAL (Olaganustu Hal, State of Emergency) after the 15 July 2016 coup attempt, was the  subject of the news published on OdaTV that he derived personal benefits through the domestic and foreign corporations, and he was dismissed because of the corruption allegations and replaced by Alparslan Baki Ertekin.

It is stated that Gul and Ertekin are at odds after the surfacing of new corruption allegations, just like his predecessor, about the new trustee assigned to Boydak Holding, and Ertekin is using the files about Gulal against him. On the other hand, Ertekin has recently implicitly threatened Gulal on social media. Here is Ertekin’s tweet about the matter: “HOW COULD YOU KNOW WHY I KEEP SILENT ( our relationship with the chief is well ) ”

Alparslan Baki Ertekin’s relationship with GARANTI BARTER, which was reflected in the press last week, and Ertekin offering the shell corporations he established in the US, his wife Melike Ertekin, who is the Secretary-General of TURSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Association), and his children the opportunities of Boydak Holding had a broad repercussion in the financial circles.

This article first appeared at Kronoshaber.com on September 24, 2019.

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