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Echoes of Justice: A Journey from Awareness to Publication

A unique initiative that started as a monthly Kahoot contest to raise awareness about human rights violations among young people is now being transformed into a book titled “Echoes of Justice,” set to be available soon on Amazon and Google Books, under the editorship of Ayşegül Gönül.

The online quizzes, which have been organized monthly and streamed on YouTube, have amassed over 20,000 views worldwide. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with many young people expressing how these contests have made complex issues understandable and engaging. “Thanks to the Kahoot contests, we learned about these events in a language that is accessible and enjoyable for young people,” one participant shared, reflecting the general sentiment.

These contests not only educated the youth about human rights violations as they prepare for the future but also increased followers’ awareness by sharing guests’ experiences with rights infringements. The incentive of prizes for the top three participants also boosted engagement and participation, adding to the project’s success.

The quizzes covered human rights violations around the world through 100 questions, taking participants on an emotional journey from Gandhi to Mother Teresa, from Gökhan Açıkkolu to Garibe Gezer. The quiz did not shy away from addressing significant figures and events such as George Floyd in the United States and Osman Kavala in Turkey, ensuring a global perspective.

Motivated by this success, the idea to compile the quiz questions and guests’ insightful thoughts into a book came to fruition. The book, completed through significant teamwork, aims to inspire the next generation of human rights-sensitive individuals and volunteers. “We are delighted to present this book to young people and volunteers sensitive to human rights,” said the editorial team. “We hope it finds a place in every home and inspires future generations.”

The team extends their gratitude to everyone who supported this venture, looking forward to the positive impact the book will make in promoting human rights awareness globally.

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