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Elderly Bedridden Patient’s Death in Prison Sparks Outcry, İHD Expresses Concern

In a recent development, the Human Rights Association (İHD) has raised serious concerns regarding the tragic demise of 86-year-old bedridden patient Mustafa Said Türk, who was sent to prison following the confirmation of his sentence by the Court of Cassation.

Nuray Çevirmen, a member of İHD, highlighted the incongruities within the committee’s evaluation of Mustafa Said Türk’s condition, shedding light on the fact that the prison environment is fundamentally inadequate to provide necessary care for him. Çevirmen noted that the committee’s verdict, which emphasized the inability of Türk to sustain his life independently due to ongoing illnesses and his bedridden state, was in direct contradiction to their decision of not postponing his sentence, a ruling that she deemed unscientific and unacceptable.

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Nuray Cevirmen

The situation of Mustafa Sait Türk has triggered a sustained response from various quarters. The “Initiative for Freedom of Sick Prisoners,” in their 466th week of protest, continued to draw attention to the plight of sick inmates. In a recent gathering held in front of the İHD Ankara Branch, the focus was on the dire circumstances faced by Mustafa Sait Türk, a sick prisoner currently held at Menemen R Type Prison in Izmir. The statement was delivered by Nuray Çevirmen, an active member of İHD.

Nuray Çevirmen underscored that despite being 86 years old and plagued by various health issues, Mustafa Sait Türk was incarcerated rather than receiving the necessary medical attention he urgently required. She elaborated that Türk, a diabetic patient for over five decades, had experienced two cerebral hemorrhages since 2016, rendering him bedridden and unable to care for himself. His essential needs were being attended to by caregivers. Türk’s medical history also included the placement of a heart stent two years prior, his reliance on around 4 units of insulin per day, stage 4 kidney failure, severe herniated disc condition, and chronic anemia.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, it was disclosed that Türk’s health had further deteriorated during transportation to Menemen R Type Closed Prison on August 10. He suffered a health crisis during transit and was subsequently rushed to Menemen State Hospital’s emergency room by ambulance. Diagnosed with heart failure and pneumonia, Türk’s condition was found to be worsening. Despite this, bureaucratic delays prevented his timely transfer to the hospital, resulting in his continued confinement within the prison facility.

The conflicting assessments by the same medical committee have raised eyebrows. The Manisa Merkezefendi Hospital, where Türk was initially examined, issued a report that highlighted the inadequacy of prison conditions to meet his care requirements. Nevertheless, the committee concluded that Türk’s sentence need not be postponed, a decision that has been widely criticized for its lack of scientific basis and ethical justification.

The İHD Istanbul Branch’s Prison Commission has echoed these concerns through a series of actions, including the “F Session,” the latest being the 594th such event. Holding up banners calling for the release of sick prisoners and chanting slogans emphasizing human rights and dignity, the commission drew attention to Mustafa Said Türk’s plight and emphasized the need for his immediate release.

Meral Nergis Şahin, a prominent member of the İHD Istanbul Branch’s Prison Commission, made a passionate plea for the release of Türk, underscoring the urgency of the situation and the ethical imperative of ensuring proper medical care for all incarcerated individuals.

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