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Elderly Bedridden Turkish Patient Mustafa Said Türk Returned to Prison as Hospitalization Deemed ‘Inappropriate

Mustafa Said Türk, an 86-year-old bedridden patient who had been incarcerated at the İzmir Menemen R Type Prison, was transported to the İzmir Atatürk Education and Research Hospital yesterday morning. However, it has been reported that due to a determination that his hospitalization was not considered “appropriate,” he was subsequently returned to the prison.

In a conversation with Sevinç Özarslan from Kronos, Prof. Dr. Süleyman Türk, the son of Mustafa Said Türk, conveyed that his father’s condition is progressively deteriorating. Süleyman Türk, a medical professional himself, shared the following account:

“Yesterday, my father was taken to the hospital; unfortunately, the medical staff deemed his admission unsuitable, leading to his prompt return to the prison facility. Despite his hospital visit, which included consultations with internal medicine and neurology specialists, no further medical procedures were administered. Strangely, his medical records did not appear in the electronic health system (e-nabız), raising some suspicions. Upon inquiry, I discovered that he was indeed sent back to the prison.”

“Consequently, the medical team is also expressing concerns about my father’s condition, as he remains in a distressing state. Taking him home is not a feasible option, let alone returning him to the prison. The frequent transportation between locations has further exacerbated his health issues, leaving him in a severely deteriorated state. There were instances when we used to transport him by ambulance from the village to Turgutlu, complete the required medical procedures, and then bring him back home. Remarkably, his recovery period extended up to a week.”

“At present, he relies on a nasal tube and requires transportation via a stretcher. Regrettably, he’s currently unaware of his circumstances, grappling with a memory loss attributed to an infection-induced delirium. It’s doubtful that he would even recognize us.”

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