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Enes Freedom Accuses Turkish President Erdogan of Hypocrisy in Palestine-Israel Relations

In a recent social media post, prominent activist Enes Freedom has criticized Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what he perceives as hypocrisy in Turkey’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Freedom’s remarks shed light on Turkey’s economic ties with Israel, raising questions about the country’s commitment to supporting Palestine.

On his Twitter account, Enes Freedom, known for his vocal advocacy for Palestinian rights, tweeted, “My Muslim brothers & sisters; Dictator @RTErdogan only barks but he never bites. Azerbaijan supplies about 40% of Israel’s oil. The oil goes from Azerbaijan to the coast of Turkey & then to Israel. If Erdogan really wanted to support Palestine, this pipeline would have been closed! Dictator #Erdogan is a hypocrite, on the one hand he gives big statements against Israel, on the other hand he has diplomatic ties and business with Israel.”

The statement by Enes Freedom highlights an issue that has been a subject of controversy and debate. While President Erdogan has made strong statements condemning Israeli actions in the past, including during the recent conflict in Gaza, Turkey’s economic ties with Israel continue to raise concerns among those who advocate for Palestinian rights.

Azerbaijan, a close ally of Turkey, indeed supplies a significant portion of Israel’s oil. The oil is transported from Azerbaijan to the coast of Turkey before being shipped to Israel. Freedom’s assertion that President Erdogan could take a more substantial stance against Israel by closing the oil pipeline underscores the complexities of Turkey’s diplomatic and economic relations in the Middle East.

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Turkey and Israel have a history of complex and at times strained relations. Despite public condemnations of Israeli actions, Turkey maintains diplomatic ties and has various economic exchanges with Israel. Enes Freedom’s criticism echoes the sentiments of many who question the consistency of Turkey’s approach to the Israel-Palestine issue.

President Erdogan’s administration has maintained that Turkey stands firmly with the Palestinian people and supports their rights. However, critics argue that actions like maintaining economic ties with Israel undermine the credibility of these claims.

Enes Freedom’s remarks have ignited a new wave of debate and discussion on social media regarding Turkey’s stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict. As this controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen whether President Erdogan will address the concerns raised by activists like Freedom and make any changes to Turkey’s policies regarding Israel.


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