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Erdoğan Abandons Turkey’s Claim to F-35s, Shifts Focus to F-16s

Turkish President Erdoğan announced that Turkey has decided to forego the F-35 jets, despite having paid for them, stating, “Our current strategy is moving beyond the F-35 program, with our sights now firmly set on the F-16s.”

In the aftermath of the S-400 crisis and subsequent U.S. Senate sanctions, Turkey did not receive the F-35s it had purchased.

Additionally, sales of F-16s to Turkey were suspended following the Senate’s sanctions.

While Sweden’s NATO membership has been approved by Turkey, the U.S. has conditionally accepted F-16 sales to Turkey.

Erdoğan made these remarks following his participation in his party’s ‘Extended Election Affairs Presidents Meeting,’ where he addressed questions from the press outside the AKP Headquarters.

Expressing gratitude for birthday wishes from Devlet Bahçeli, leader of the Nationalist Movement Party, Erdoğan remarked, “Roses were sent matching my age. They also sent a uniquely aesthetic pen, and we exchanged congratulations on the People’s Alliance’s efforts.”

Regarding the Refah Party’s position within the People’s Alliance, Erdoğan noted, “Their involvement with the People’s Alliance is minimal. They have diverged from parliamentary election dynamics and nominated candidates against us.”

Responding to queries about Turkey’s diplomatic agenda at the upcoming Antalya Diplomacy Forum, Erdoğan highlighted issues such as Russia-Ukraine tensions and the Israel-Palestine conflict.

When asked about his recent phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Putin’s potential visit to Turkey, Erdoğan stated, “While a visit isn’t imminent, he indicated a prompt resolution. Putin expressed satisfaction with Turkey’s international stance and emphasized the importance of continued strong relations.”

On the topic of F-35s, Erdoğan emphasized, “Our focus has shifted decisively to the F-16s. Discussions with Congress, the Senate, and visiting senators have centered on potential steps regarding F-16s. We’re actively pursuing this issue.”

Regarding a potential visit to Iraq, Erdoğan indicated, “Post-elections.”

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