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Erdogan’s confidant releases third video exposing corruption within inner circle

Ali Yesildag, the brother of Hasan Yesildag, who is a trusted confidant of Erdogan’s family, has released third video in the series of exposing corruptions within Erdogan’s inner circle. Investigative journalist Cevheri Guven is posting these videos on his YouTube Channel.

In his first video, Yesildag accused Erdogan and his associates of illegally clearing $1 billion from a public procurement tender for the management of Antalya Airport.

In his second video, he alleged that Mehmet Mehdi Eker, former Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey, and his associates including himself fraudulently won a $3.5 billion public tender for the management and improvement of agricultural lands across the country.

In his third video, Yesildag alleges that Erdogan seized a land on Bosphorus, Istanbul that belonged to Soysal Holding and built a $1 billion hotel called Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus with the help of his partners, including Ali Yesildag. Yesildag confirms that Erdogan was their crime boss and that he believes Erdogan is the biggest crime leader in the world.

Yesildag also alleges that he was conned by Erdogan’s brother Mustafa Erdogan and adds that Mustafa was someone who was beaten by Erdogan’s son Burak Erdogan and Erdogan himself multiple times with allegations of stealing money from corruption money of Erdogan when the money is in transition in bags.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, a strong Presidential candidate, and Meral Aksener, a strong nationalist opposition leader, have referred to Ali Yesildag in their political rallies for the Presidential election to convince the people how corrupt the Erdogan regime is. Kilictaroglu said, “If you want justice, vote for us” in one of his latest rallies.

In his latest video, Yesildag makes further allegations of corruption involving Erdogan and his close associates. He had promised to reveal more scandalous corruption cases in his third video, which was released earlier. The public is eagerly anticipating the release of his fourth video.

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