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Ethem Sancak, ‘peacemaker’ of Erdogan talked to a Russian TV: “NATO membership is Turkey’s shame”

Ethem Sancak, a Turkish businessman considered to have “close ties to President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan” visited Russia with those who have close ties to Dogu Perincek, the leader of left-wing nationalist party, Patriotic Party recently.

Ethem Sancak talked to a Russian RBK TV about Turkey’s NATO membership and Bayraktar unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Sancak “Turkey’s NATO membership is Turkey’s shame, and we didn’t know Bayraktar’s drone would be used against Russia before we sell them” said.

Highlights of Sancak’s 15 minutes interview for RBT TV

“NATO membership is cancer from the past.”

“NATO membership is a shame of Turkey from the past. They threw away all our leaders by coups,” Sancak said and continued, “the main culprit for the conflict of Russia and Ukraine is the NATO. NATO is a cancer tumor from the past. It is NATO that supports terrorists and attempted a coup in 2016. Therefore, we will not join in sanctioning Russia because if Russia falls, Turkey will divide, and if Turkey falls, the same thing will happen to Russia.”

“We didn’t know that Bayraktar’s drones would be used like this”

Sancak also talked about Bayraktar TB2s used by the Ukraine army to destroy or neutralize the Russian military targets. “Erdogan tried to withdraw the attention of Zelensky to Russian perspective and still does the same. We didn’t know that Bayraktar TB2s could be used for this purpose. We are allies with Russia. We will build S-500 and go into the space together. I have been in Moscow for two days, and we are developing strategic relations of 10-20 years,” he said. 

Ethem Sancak can’t go to Russia without the information of Erdogan

Dogu Perincek and his team speeded up initiatives to side the Erdogan regime with Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine. Perincek also warned Erdogan after talking to Zelensky on the phone and sent also Ethem Sancak to Russia with his team. It’s spoken in the lobbies of Ankara that he can’t speak on such sensitive issues without the knowledge of Erdogan.

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