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European Court Ruling Ignored; Associate Professor Murat Yüksel Re-Arrested

Associate Professor Murat Yüksel, a Cardiology Specialist and top graduate of Hacettepe University Medical School in Turkey, has been rearrested in Antalya following the confirmation of his 6-year and 3-month prison sentence. This sentence is part of what are considered unlawful investigations into his alleged affiliations with Gulen Movement, TR724 reported.

Yüksel, who earned his associate professorship at Dicle University Medical Faculty, was dismissed from his position shortly thereafter under Decree-Law No. 675. It was revealed that he was sentenced to prison for acts deemed non-criminal by the European Court of Human Rights in its September 26 Yalçınkaya decision, specifically for depositing money into Bank Asya and allegations involving ByLock use. Yüksel, initially arrested on August 10, 2016, and released after 10 months in prison, is now expected to serve an additional three years.

A family member, speaking to Kronos’s Sevinç Özarslan, highlighted Yüksel’s academic achievements. “Murat Yüksel, a graduate of Malatya Science High School, was among the top 1000 in the national university entrance examination. He completed the 7-year program at Hacettepe University’s English Medical School in just 6 years and ranked in the top 100 in his first Medical Specialization Exam, leading to his specialization in Cardiology at Kartal Koşuyolu High Specialization Training and Research Hospital.”

The family member also addressed the circumstances of Yüksel’s arrest following the July 15 events, noting, “When he learned he was wanted by the police after July 15, he voluntarily went to the police station, even speeding to get there. Would a guilty person rush to the police?”

Furthermore, concerns about Yüksel’s health were raised. He is reportedly suffering from a congenital heart condition, which he mentioned during his defense in the Diyarbakir 5th High Criminal Court in 2018. Yüksel expressed fears about the risk of his aorta tearing suddenly and the need for immediate surgery, a situation difficult to manage in prison. He cited cases like Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman, who survived a similar condition with timely intervention, and Oya Aydoğan, who tragically passed away due to delayed medical treatment.

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