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Exposing Turkey’s Biggest Corruption: Police Officers Still Imprisoned Nine Years Later

The police officers who uncovered Turkey’s largest corruption scandal remain imprisoned, paying the price for their courage as they mark the ninth anniversary of the December 17th investigation. Despite their efforts to prevent looting, bribery, and corruption, these brave officers were labeled “terrorists” and “traitors” by the regime, resulting in their captivity for the past nine years, with some held in solitary confinement.

The investigation, which revealed a staggering 87 billion euros of laundered money, implicated top officials, including four ministers of the ruling AKP party. The police officers meticulously followed the trail of bribery, even conducting map-based analyses to cross-verify the evidence.

However, the corruption probe was eventually buried, with accusations of a “coup” being used to close the case. The police officers leading the investigation were arrested and detained in a controversial operation, facing unfair trials.

During a U.S. trial involving key figure Reza Zarrab, he admitted to giving bribes and implicated high-level officials, even stating that the scheme had the approval of the country’s leader. Despite such revelations, the courageous police officers, who stood against the corrupt system, continue to suffer behind bars.

The leaked tapes and confessions from involved parties added further weight to the officers’ claims. Yet, while politicians who engaged in bribery were indirectly confirmed, the police officers who fought against corruption were unjustly imprisoned.

As the years pass, the truth remains clear – the police officers who risked everything to protect the nation’s assets and honor deserve justice and vindication. Their unwavering commitment to duty should be honored, and they should be released from their prolonged captivity.

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