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Erdogan – Eurasian alliance created a new profiling tool for the witch hunt being carried out in Turkey: FETO-METER. The practice in question is a resemblance of a genocide in the strict sense.

FETO-METER is described in the articles serviced through the partisan media by TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) as follows:

“FETO-METER analysis software which is based on the strategy of “first identify and then destroy” the Gulenist staff inside Turkish Armed Forces”

The instructions of the criteria array provided by Cihat Yaycı, Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces, creates a calculation method consists of 70 basic and 250 sub-criteria.

When you take a look at these “scientific criteria” to see what they are all about, what a disaster…

However, the general staff of TSK put those instructions into practice quite seriously.
Another propaganda carried out by the Erdogan media reported: “biographical personnel information of approximately 810 thousand individuals on duty and retired, including their relatives, are evaluated in details.”

The records of the spouses, parents, siblings, cousins, and even three and four-degree relatives are included in the profiling files.

All of the accounts in Bank Asya had been scanned.

Supposing that you are an army officer in TSK. You had not even passed by the door of Bank Asya before. Your cousin had opened an account in Bank Asya, or the private teaching institution he had worked for pays the salaries through Bank Asya. Or, your other cousin, whom you have never seen in your life, was a teacher and had been fired from his job with a KHK (decree law).

That means you are profiled as a “Follower of the Gulen Community” thanks to this “profiling software” developed under the leadership of Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı.


There is another point concerning this “FETO-METER”, which is being waxed lyrical by the propagandists of Erdogan, and it is very difficult to describe it.

Precisely stated in the “advertising” of “FETOMETER”: “According to the analysis, a total of 33 basic criteria and 60 sub-criteria were used for the young commissioned and non-commissioned officers due to the fact that they are in the beginning of their professional careers, and thus the information available about them is insufficient. Therefore, the purpose is to identify the deep extensions of the organization and avoid the infiltration of the next generation who are related with the organization in the future years.”

This is the exact quotation: “The generation who are related with the organization in the future years.” Erdogan regime, unable to slow down, had profiled even the unborn generations.

As a matter of fact, we are not strangers to see such actions where even unborn children are considered a threat to be exterminated. For instance, the example which happened in Egypt during the ancient times is a quite popular one!


According to the partisan media, the inventor of the software called “FETO-METER” is Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı, Chief of Staff of the Naval Forces.

The software in question had been put into practice on 10 September 2016.

There wasn’t anybody around – of course – who had asked how could they even come up with such an extensive algorithm after July 15th in such a short time.

Let me give you a hint if you couldn’t remember who Cihat Yayci is, the one who had carried out this “scientific” work.

You should remember Erdogan’s CNN Turk broadcast through Facetime in the evening of July 15th.

There was somebody in the background who were prompting “Say commander-in-chief, say commander-in-chief” to Erdogan during that broadcast. Cihat Yayci was the one who was reminding Erdogan that he was a commander-in-chief.
One of the thousands of questions regarding July 15th is; Cihat Yayci was in the same hotel with Erdogan until 11 pm that night, but there is not even a single information about this in any of the bill of indictments or statements.

Dogu Perincek points out to these profiling when he says in all those television channels “We have done what we couldn’t on February 28th 1997, we purged over 30 thousand soldiers in TSK”.


Let’s get down to the details of the scientific work.

70 basic criteria were written in TSK to identify the people who follow the “Gulen Movement”. According to these criteria, points are given. Should any of the commissioned or non-commissioned officers collect points from these criteria, they are purged beyond all question.

And then they get arrested.

Whatever you could find in the criteria… Bank accounts of the second, third, fourth degree relatives, their phone calls, institutions they worked for, or any of the unions they were a member of had been used for the profiling.
Supposing that your sibling is a teacher and had worked in a school related with the Gulen Movement. No matter how successful you are, even if you were in no way related with the coup, and also you are a veteran because of the coup, there is no escape.

Or your cousin had opened an account in Bank Asya. You’re done!

What else?

Let’s say you had a divorce recently. Cihat Yayci’s profiling software is programmed to include this as an “insignia of being a follower of the Movement”.

It is important how you had married. If you had married after you had met your spouse in a circle of friends, you are “certainly a follower of the Movement”.

If your language level is advanced, you had had a duty abroad, and had worked in critical units, you are very likely to be a follower of the Gulen Movement.

If you had taken a master degree, or had done a doctorate, you are for sure a follower of the Community.

Like I said, if there weren’t thousands of victims, this FETO-METER is a great way to shoot the breeze.

Because they have created such a profiling software that if you want to accuse and arrest somebody, you just enter the questions as you wish, and bull’s eye!

For example, if you would use these criteria against Zekai Aksakalli, one of the darkest names of July 15th and the then Commander of Special Forces Command, there wouldn’t be any escape for him.

Or Mehmet Disli, another critical name of July 15th, wouldn’t have any chance neither. Furthermore, even if Cihat Yayci, the owner of the software, would end up in prison in Silivri a long time ago.

Moreover, according to these criteria, Erdogan himself is the “biggest Gulenist of all”.


I have a basic thesis for July 15th; the events took place that night was not a coup attempt. There were some naive ones who had thought that they were staging a coup and taken the streets in accordance with the chain of command, but in reality everything happened was already a fictionalized false flag operation.

The regime in Turkey was changed with this setup, which was planned by Erdogan, Akar, and Fidan trio, and was carried into effect with the Euro-Asian sympathizers inside TSK.

Historic purges were witnessed. And they still continue.

Erdogan does not have July 15th investigated, a day he accepts as “the blessing of Allah”. If there is anybody rises to question the scenario imposed upon us, they find themselves behind bars in an instant.

The last example was Turkish journalist Ece Sevim Ozturk who discovered all details of the false-flag coup attempt.
However, the politicized judiciary of AKP (Justice and Development Party) was obliged to confirm that many commissioned and non-commissioned officers, who have been in prison and tortured for the last 2 years, were not actually coup-plotters.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the police and the soldiers, who prevented the coup and protected Erdogan, were also arrested for their alleged link with the Movement.

Despite all of those censorship and pressures, this is where we stand right now. If the media would have been free and the journalists would have been independent, July 15th would be given away outright!

What is even more interesting about this FETO-METER, which was announced vaingloriously by the Erdogan regime, is that it is actually a practice which acquits the followers of the Community about the coup attempt.

Eventually, the number of the soldiers, who had taken the streets in July 15th, was definite. So do the ones who were purged, and arrested.

They are trying to create “crimes” out of newspaper subscriptions, union memberships, bank accounts of the relatives because of the fact that they cannot find anything to accuse thousands of commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Nobody asks this questions: “If this coup was actually staged by the Gulen Movement, why did thousands of soldiers you purged and arrested because they were “followers of the Movement” did not participate in the coup?”

Moreover, the ones who beat about the bush to purge and arrest the soldiers, about whom they cannot find a single element of a crime, can easily appoint Saban Disli, the brother of Mehmet Disli who is considered the architect of the coup, as an ambassador to represent Turkey!

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Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Arslan
Adem Yavuz Aslan is a leading Turkish investigative journalist in exile based in Washington, D.C.

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