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Former Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu Reveals: Over 350 Ships Dispatched from Turkey to Israel Since War’s Onset

Discussion Surrounds Alleged Dispatch of Thermal Clothing to Israeli Army

During a recent Saadet-Gelecek Party joint group meeting, Ahmet Davutoglu, leader of the Gelecek Party, disclosed that more than 350 ships have been dispatched from Turkey to Israel since the commencement of the war on October 7.

Addressing the statement from the Communication Presidency regarding images of thermal clothing claimed to be sent from Turkey to the Israeli army, Davutoglu asserted, “They can’t deny that ships are going from Turkey to Israel. They are attempting to deflect through a word game.”

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“Ships Bound for Israel Linked to AK Party Businessmen” As reported by Cumhuriyet, Davutoglu’s statements include a discussion of a video revealing materials sent from Turkey to Israel, some of which are utilized by the Israeli army. This video not only exposes a disgraceful scene but also illustrates how a nation can be silenced. The captured footage highlights the identity of these ships, revealing that many are associated with businessmen directly linked to the AK Party in power.

In response to the video, the Communication Office of Presidency swiftly dismissed it through the disinformation unit, claiming that the ‘made in Turkey’ label indicates it is an older video. Such statements rely on a single word. However, the government is reluctant to state outright, ‘No ship is going from Turkey to Israel,’ opting instead for a defensive stance through a semantic play.”

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