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Global Support Pours in for Peaceful ‘Speak Out’ Protest at the ECHR

Strasbourg, France – In a show of solidarity against the slow pace of justice and the growing human rights violations in Turkey, thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, France, to stage a peaceful protest.

The demonstrators expressed their dissatisfaction with the functioning of the European Court of Human Rights, accusing it of being sluggish in its proceedings and ineffective in addressing the numerous violations taking place in Turkey. The protest highlighted the urgent need for greater attention to the deteriorating human rights situation in the country.

The demonstration received widespread support from around the world, with political leaders and influential figures from various countries sending video messages to express their solidarity with the cause. The messages of support were shared on social media by the Peaceful Action Platform.

Viviane Teitelbaum, a Belgian Member of Parliament, stated in her video message, “It is our responsibility to fight for the supremacy of law and justice, to demand accountability. We must raise our voices for democracy because remaining silent only benefits the oppressors. We must never abandon the victims of the oppressors.”

Simone Susskind, a Belgian Senator, expressed her solidarity with the countless unjustly imprisoned individuals in Turkey, saying, “There are so many unlawfully detained people in Turkey… I send a message of solidarity to all, especially to Osman Kavala and Selahattin Demirtaş.”

Leopoldo Lopez, a Venezuelan opposition leader, emphasized the importance of recognizing the collaboration among autocrats, stating, “We must understand that autocrats work together. As democracy fighters, we must fight together. I send all the hope and strength that the Turkish people need to Strasbourg.”

Prof. Dr. Frank Überall, the Federal President of the German Journalists’ Association (DJV), also joined the supporters through a video message, offering his backing to the protest.

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The demonstration underscored the pressing concerns regarding the Turkish government’s actions, including the detention of journalists, activists, and opposition figures, and the erosion of judicial independence. Participants called for immediate action to safeguard human rights, ensure the rule of law, and protect democratic values.

As the protest concluded, the organizers expressed gratitude for the widespread support received from various parts of the world. They vowed to continue their efforts to draw attention to the human rights situation in Turkey and called on the international community to exert diplomatic pressure on the Turkish government to uphold human rights standards and restore the independence of the judiciary.

The peaceful gathering in Strasbourg served as a powerful reminder of the importance of standing up for justice and human rights, even in the face of adversity. It highlighted the determination of global activists and leaders to support the Turkish people in their pursuit of a fair and democratic society.

The outpouring of support demonstrates the global recognition of the gravity of the situation in Turkey and the determination to stand in solidarity with those advocating for justice and human rights. The “Speak Out” protest serves as a powerful reminder that the struggle for fundamental rights transcends borders and requires concerted efforts from the international community.

As the protest continues, organizers express their gratitude for the overwhelming support received from around the world. They vow to persist in their efforts to bring attention to the human rights situation in Turkey and call for increased international pressure on the Turkish government to uphold the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy.

The resounding global support for the “Speak Out” demonstration reiterates the importance of protecting human rights and the role of collective action in effecting change. It emboldens the voices of those advocating for justice and reinforces the belief that a fair and equitable society is within reach.

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