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Increase in Crime Rates in Turkey

Statistics indicate an increase in crime rates in Turkey according to the recent news reported by Alican Uludag of DW. The report focused on crime rates in Turkey after the TEKEL murder in Esenyurt.

The armed attack that resulted in the death of two people at the TEKEL store in Esenyurt brought attention to crime rates in Turkey. According to the Ministry of Justice’s Justice Statistics for the year 2022, there has been an increase in the number of investigations, suspects, and cases in Turkey. The data shows that the number of investigation files surpassed 10 million, and the number of suspects reached 12 million in 2022. Among the cases opened in criminal courts, the highest increase was observed in fraud, child sexual abuse, and theft crimes. In addition, 228,000 people were under investigation for violating the Law on Firearms and Knives and Other Tools.

According to the statistics, the number of investigations, which was 6.9 million in 2014, increased to 10.599 million in 2022. Half of these investigations were carried over from 2021, and 5.302 million new files were opened in 2022.

The number of suspects in investigation files reached 12.688 million, and the number of crimes in these files was determined to be 21.743 million. Among these files, there were 411,510 suspects of foreign nationality. The total number of victims and plaintiffs exceeded 8.773 million. In 2021, there were 9.857 million investigations. Last year, out of the cases concluded by prosecutors, 2.872 million (50.4%) were closed without further action, while 1.328 million investigation files (35.9%) resulted in court cases.

In crimes covered under special laws other than the Turkish Penal Code, the first place was taken by the crime of violating the Firearms and Knives Law No. 6136. Last year, this crime was investigated in 204,813 cases, with 228,733 individuals identified as suspects. Among the 68,000 cases that were decided upon, 35,295 individuals were convicted of the crime.

The highest number of allegations among the investigation files were for crimes against property (theft, robbery, property damage, etc.), with 5.846 million people being recorded as suspects in these crimes. In crimes against freedom (including threats and blackmail), there were investigations against 2.355 million people. There were also 1.925 million individuals suspected of crimes against bodily integrity (assault, torture, etc.).

There were 239,989 suspects in the 183,000 investigations opened for crimes against constitutional order. In the 192,522 criminal cases related to sexual assault, there were 204,825 suspects. The number of suspects in crimes against life (including intentional or negligent homicide) was 124,000.

Under the Anti-Terrorism Law, 38,910 files were opened last year, with 43,386 individuals identified as suspects. According to the data, 6,266 individuals were tried on terrorism charges in these cases.

The number of cases in criminal courts exceeded 3 million last year, with 3.304 million cases. In these cases, 3.523 million people were defendants, and a total of 7.607 million crimes were recorded.

According to statistics, in 2022, there was a significant increase in cases of fraud, child sexual abuse, and theft compared to the previous year. Fraud increased by 41%, child sexual abuse by 33%, theft by 30%, drug offenses by 25%, robbery by 23%, intentional homicide by 17%, and intentional injury by 11%.

In cases of forming criminal organizations with the purpose of committing crimes, there was a decrease of 32.0% compared to the previous year.

Regarding cases of crimes against property, 776,000 individuals were tried, and in cases of crimes against bodily integrity, 926,000 individuals were tried. There were 599,000 individuals tried for crimes against freedom, 460,000 for crimes against honor, 264,000 for crimes against public health, 86,000 for crimes against the constitutional order, and 83,000 for crimes against sexual integrity. In cases involving crimes against life, including murder, 63,000 individuals stood trial, and a total of 101,000 crimes were prosecuted. In this context, 13,259 individuals were convicted.

In 2.010 million cases concluded in criminal courts last year, 715,800 individuals were sentenced, and 472,413 individuals were acquitted. For crimes against property, 164,000 individuals were sentenced, and for crimes against bodily integrity, 163,000 individuals were sentenced. For crimes against the constitutional order, 13,000 individuals were sentenced, and for crimes against sexual integrity, 15,640 individuals were sentenced. Under the Anti-Terrorism Law, 19,029 individuals were brought before the court, and 1,416 individuals were sentenced.

295,000 children were suspects in criminal cases last year. In 289,914 investigation files opened for children involved in crime, 294,804 children were suspects. 74,084 children were tried in the cases opened. The number of cases in juvenile criminal courts reached 10,105.

The total number of cases in juvenile criminal courts reached 81,514. The number of juvenile criminal court files constituted 5.5% of all cases. In these cases, 30,300 children were acquitted, and 20,449 children were convicted.

There was a record increase in enforcement files. The number of files in civil courts reached 4.636 million last year, with 2.736 million of them being new cases. Among these files, 326,000 were handled by enforcement courts. The number of files opened in family courts reached 370,829. The number of divorce cases filed in civil courts increased by 5% compared to the previous year.

The total number of files in execution and bankruptcy offices reached 33.276 million in 2022. Of this number, 31.185 million were execution files. The number of newly opened execution files was 8.595 million last year. In 2015, there were only 24.533 million execution files.

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