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Is Erdogan going to bring back Capital Punishment?

Turkey is proceeding towards the black hole. Erdogan has taken his Presidency seat which is decorated with extraordinary powers. A Presidency without a system, where there is no law to put him on trial in case he commits a crime. A system where the decisions cannot be questioned or rejected. This is a dictatorship. Every dictator resembles each other. They all have the same mental and emotional diseases. The way they govern their country is always the same. Similar changes Erdogan made over the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, was done by Hitler and his followers in the past. Every step taken by the dictator to protect himself and his entourage, and to hold the absolute power, shall take him to his own destruction. The dictators overthrow themselves like this in general.

There is one question in their minds, which causes the dictators to lose their sleep: “Who is conspiring against me to overthrow me?” The dictator, who thinks that others make plans, conspire and set traps against him every single second in his mind, tries to build a security wall around him by decorating himself with extraordinary laws and powers. However in reality, since the things which makes him lose his sleep are actually his own mental and emotional diseases. The laws and powers he decorated himself with never comfort, satisfy, or make the dictator feel safe. He always wants more.

Erdogan governs Turkey by creating internal and external enemies. He made up an internal enemy called Fetullahçı Terör Örgütü (abbrev. FETÖ, translated widely as Gülenist Terrorist Organization). He presses charges, tortures, incarcerates, kills them in prisons, or sends them into exile, who are dissentients to him and oppose him as left or right-wingers, atheists, religious people, liberals, democrats, communists, Alevis, Kurdish people, and Armenians. Turkey is living through a resemblance of Germany of Hitler.

While Erdogan was more social when he came to power, by time he became isolated just like all dictators. The more isolated he became, the more insecure he felt about his entourage, and he is gradually getting even more paranoid. Unable to realize that he is becoming a dictator, both his supporters and Erdogan started to believe that he was sent to earth by God for the happiness of the people. Erdogan made over 5000 new law and legislation amendments to expand his powers since 17 December 2013 until 2018. Seeing these amendments as insufficient, he is being affected by every single rumor towards a coup attempt or an assassination. Fear changes Erdogan into a more cruel and unmerciful dictator.

His fear is going to an unbearable point. Turkey is going towards a fast downfall in economic, social, moral, educational, welfare, human rights and law fields. I guess this is the worst nightmare of Erdogan. Half of the population supports Erdogan at present. But the choices of the population can drastically change in accordance with their interests. He is frightened about internal disorders and riots to start in the country. He needs a new law, which he can use when there is a riot against him, to dissuade the people and the opponents. Bringing back the capital punishment, which is a law he will use against the people who oppose him, is a tending topic right now. It is a known fact that Erdogan gave instructions to his staff to work on bringing the capital punishment back, which was repealed in 3 August 2012, in accordance with the Law of Harmonization Code of the European Union.

How is Erdogan going to bring back capital punishment? Since this law is inhumane, and is a dangerous practice at the same time, he is going to follow the same way all other dictators follow. Dictators always explain at first that the laws they pass are for the safety of the people, for the coup plotters, spies, and perverts. Thanks to this, they receive a big support from the people. CHP (Republican People’s Party) and other opponents don’t have any change to stop Erdogan, after he receives such support from the people. As a matter of fact, the opponents are going to be obliged to support the capital punishment, which will be brought about the children and women being raped and killed. However, it will be naïve not to see that he is going to make his opponents face trial and capital punishment, by expanding the capital punishment law to “treason, spying for other countries, creating and managing a terror organization i.e.”

Together with the capital punishment law Erdogan and his entourage are going to enact, they are building an environment where anybody who does not support them, will be introduced as traitors, spies, and the paws of external powers, and they will potentially face the death penalty. It is very obvious that Erdogan is going to use the capital punishment law in favor of his personal interests, just like he did with the other laws he had passed, simply to create fear in Turkey and to restrain the opposition in the country.

Erdogan controls the system all by himself. There is no legal power to stop him. It is obvious that Erdogan wants and supports capital punishment according to the speeches he had made in 2017 many times in the squares. “If it passes in the parliament, and comes in front of me, I will approve it. If not, we will have another referendum for public opinion. We do not have the power to forgive the murderers of our martyrs.”

To avoid having reactions, Erdogan is going to try making the people accept this inhumane law on a legitimate basis, while he brings the capital punishment. One of the most important topics which are being discussed nowadays mainly to bring the capital punishment back includes the news about the children who were kidnapped, raped, and murdered. News such as the kidnapping and murder of the 8-year-old girl named Eylül in Ankara, and most recently the bad news received from the missing 4 year old Leyla in Ağrı, brought the missing children at the top of the agenda again. There are more than 5000 children who are kidnapped or ran away. They might bring capital punishment back again over such matters. They are going to keep the coverage of the capital punishment wide, and they are going to use this coverage to punish the people who oppose him.

Dictators are capable of using every problem in favor of their own interests. It seems that Erdogan plans to have a power where he is going to be able to execute anybody he wants by turning the tables in favor of himself. Could Erdogan make an operation similar to “The Night of the Long Knives”, as the Nazis called it “Operation Kolibri”, which was the peak of an internal cleaning, to bring the capital punishment back?

Dictators can do anything to survive and stay up. All of the media and the judicial system are under the control of Erdogan. After passing the capital punishment law, Erdogan might state through the media he controls, that some of the opposing politicians and people are conspiring against him, they are traitors, or they are spying for other countries. After that, they might put them on trial followed by a death penalty. Erdogan has done this before. He made the media institutions publish fabricated news about his opponents, who were showed as traitors and were making preparations to assassinate him and his family. The High Criminal Courts, which are under the control of Erdogan and accepted such news as evidence, are trying many people with life sentence at present. If the capital punishment was in force in Turkey, these opponents who are on trial for life sentence would have been facing death penalty and would be executed eventually. Every single word coming out of a dictator is stronger than the word of God!

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Kamil Maman
Kamil Maman
Kamil Maman is an author and one of the best Turkish investigative journalists in exile.


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