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Israel Recalls Diplomats from Turkey Following Erdoğan’s Controversial Remarks

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced that he has instructed diplomatic representatives in Turkey to return.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen disclosed that they have recalled their diplomats in Turkey and stated that relations with Ankara will be reevaluated. In a social media post, Cohen made a reference to statements regarding Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip from Turkey, saying, “I have given instructions for the return of (Israeli) diplomatic representatives in order to review the relations between Israel and Turkey.”

Why did Israel make this decision? President Erdoğan made the following remarks that sparked Israel’s reaction during the “Great Palestine Rally” organized by the AK Party Istanbul Provincial Directorate at Atatürk Airport: “Hey world, you see all these facts. The UN Secretary-General shouts, but you don’t hear. You’ve become deaf and blind. Remember when I said in Davos, ‘You know how to kill well.’ They were the ones who killed each other yesterday, killed Jews in gas chambers, and wiped cities off the map with atomic bombs. The same mentality is at work in Gaza today.”

Israel made this decision in response to President Erdoğan’s strong words and the context of his speech, which they found inflammatory and offensive.

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