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Israel Strongly Rejects President Erdogan’s Defense of Hamas

In response to President Erdogan’s recent statement characterizing Hamas as a group of freedom fighters rather than a terrorist organization, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a resolute rebuttal. The official statement emphasized that even the President of Turkey defending a terrorist organization and making provocative statements will not alter the world’s perception of the undeniable truth.

Furthermore, the statement likened Hamas to ISIS (IŞİD), stating that Hamas, a terrorist organization known for ruthlessly targeting innocent civilians, including infants, children, women, and the elderly, as well as using civilians as human shields, is even more reprehensible than ISIS. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized their complete rejection of President Erdogan’s characterization of Hamas.

Lior Haiat, spokesperson for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded directly to President Erdogan’s remarks, highlighting the heinous actions of Hamas. He stated that Hamas, by intentionally and callously causing harm to civilians and using them as human shields, is even more despicable than ISIS. He stressed that President Erdogan’s efforts to defend a terrorist organization and his incendiary comments will not alter the world’s recognition of the true nature of Hamas. The spokesperson concluded by equating Hamas with ISIS.

Miki Zohar, Israel’s Minister of Culture and Sports, also used social media to target President Erdogan, claiming that Erdogan supports terrorism and suggesting that it is time to reevaluate the country’s relationship with Turkey.

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