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Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu Announces Candidacy for Re-election in Upcoming Local Elections

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, declared his intention to run for re-election in the upcoming local elections during a press conference at the Haliç Congress Center.

The announcement was highly anticipated as İmamoğlu had gained prominence for discussions on “change” within the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the speculation about whether he would run for Istanbul’s mayoral position or seek the leadership of the CHP. In his statement, İmamoğlu firmly stated, “I consider myself dedicated to serving Istanbul,” and continued, “From the moment I began this journey, I made a promise to all our citizens that I would become the most accomplished mayor in the history of this cherished city. I am committed to fulfilling this promise. I am embarking once again to defend Istanbul against corruption, inequality, and environmental degradation. I am here to forge a robust Istanbul alliance.”

Addressing the economic challenges, İmamoğlu pointed out the impact of inflation, consecutive price hikes, and the rising cost of living. He emphasized, “In a region where substantial taxes are collected, the presence of hunger, scarcity, and poverty is unacceptable. If such issues persist, it indicates significant waste, inequality, and distribution problems.”

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Reflecting on the saying, “Winning Istanbul means winning Turkey,” İmamoğlu stressed its significance, saying, “Winning Istanbul in local elections undoubtedly signifies a significant political accomplishment. If the elected candidate effectively leverages the trust bestowed by the citizens and earns their respect, this success will propel them to important positions in both national and international politics. However, I interpret this saying beyond mere electoral victory. Istanbul ought to exemplify the realization of Turkey’s future aspirations. It is anchored in the concept of equal participation. A future in which all 86 million citizens share an equal stake in the nation is rekindling in Istanbul. Resolving Istanbul’s monumental challenges also serves as a litmus test for addressing Turkey’s broader issues. Therefore, winning Istanbul equates to winning Turkey. It is my belief that Istanbul’s destiny and Turkey’s fate are indelibly linked. Hence, I consider myself inexorably tied to Istanbul. My mission is to provide utmost service to this venerable city, which I have devoted my life to, and its 16 million inhabitants. I perceive this as serving Turkey and advocating for an alternative vision for the nation.”


Commenting on the discussions surrounding changes within the CHP, İmamoğlu expressed a resolute stance, “Despair has no place in my worldview. Together, we must surmount every hurdle obstructing hope. I see this defeat as an opportunity to catalyze a profound and inclusive renewal process within our party. Through the evolution of our ideology, transformation of our image, and restructuring of our party framework, our constituents will call upon us to co-create Turkey’s future. In this pursuit, the metamorphosis and evolution of my party constitute a pivotal mission in my political journey. My trajectory and destination are intrinsically tied to this transformation and evolution.”


İmamoğlu concluded his address with a resounding call to action, “Serving Istanbul equates to serving the world. Betraying Istanbul is tantamount to betraying humanity. From the onset of my journey, I pledged to all our citizens that I would be a mayor of unparalleled accomplishment for this revered city. This commitment remains steadfast. Once again, I am stepping forward to safeguard Istanbul against corruption, injustice, and environmental degradation. I am committed to providing equitable services to 16 million residents, just as I did over the past four years. My aim is to foster prosperity and eradicate poverty. Guided by this vision, much like in 2019, I am dedicated to establishing the strongest possible Istanbul alliance in collaboration with fellow CHP members, esteemed Istanbul residents representing diverse parties, and Istanbul Volunteers who are devoted to protecting their city and their voice. I extend an invitation to all Istanbul residents and citizens to join this journey. Trust that everything will unfold beautifully.”

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