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Istanbul’s Water Crisis Deepens: Dam Occupancy Plummets Below 35% Amidst Growing Concerns

The occupancy rate of the dams supplying water to Istanbul has decreased by 2.41% in the past 10 days, plunging below even 35%. On August 11th of the prior year, dam occupancy stood at 63%. Presently, the cumulative water volume in the dams totals 300 million cubic meters, while daily water consumption in Istanbul hovers around 3.2 million cubic meters.

Authorities are emphasizing the necessity for vigilance against water wastage. A succinct advisory was delivered during Friday’s sermon concerning this matter. Temporarily discontinuing garden irrigation and refraining from car washing were requested. It was also stressed that water should not be squandered even during ablution rituals.

According to data from the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ), the dam occupancy rate, which had reached a peak average of 48.58% in May this year, has now descended below 35%.

The occupancy percentages of individual dams are as follows: 16.31% in Alibey, 20.74% in Terkos, 25.1% in Elmalı, 50.1% in Darlık, 67.85% in Ömerli, 15.02% in Büyükçekmece, 18.39% in Sazlıdere, 32.71% in Istrancalar, 8.14% in Kazandere, and 4.6% in Pabuçdere.

Data indicates that the rainfall collected by the dams this year has amounted to 349.34 kilograms per square meter. As of yesterday, daily water consumption in Istanbul stood at 3.229 million cubic meters. The reservoirs and dams, which serve as the city’s water sources, have a combined storage capacity of 868.683 million cubic meters. Presently, the water volume is situated at the 300 million cubic meters mark.

This year, the water drawn from the Melen and Yeşilçay rivers totals 495.83 million cubic meters, while the water supplied to the city from potable water treatment facilities amounts to 666.46 million cubic meters.

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