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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

The Turkish journalist in exile Mr. Ertugrul Incekul’s new book on the persecution of Erdogan’s government towards the follower of Gulen Movement sheds light on the scoop of the genocidal policies.

This book is based on long-term observations, social events and what is being done to address human rights violations. It tries to be the voice of people whose rights
are taken away, who are silenced and sent to prison in today’s Turkey. It tries to be the cry of silenced journalists. It touches upon the stories of lost lives. It reveals important neglects regarding minorities once again. It leaves a note in history as an archive.


The book has two main parts:

  1. Conscience for Justice
  2. Unheard Stories

This book is written on behalf of millions of innocent people who are jailed and silenced in Turkey. This book is written to load a serious responsibility to ideas, words. The book let them free to fly to reach hearts of conscientious people of this era. This book is the story of innocence. This book is the story of betrayal. This book is the story of democracy, seeking for basic human rights.

Dutch artist and performer dear Nell Berger enriched the book with her illustrations. The book also features the view and opinion of MP Omer Faruk Gergerlioğlu, Former Commissioner on the South African Human Rights Commission Adv Mohamed Shafie Ameermia. Also, thanks for intro to Cees Buys, author and entrepreneur from the Netherlands. The book translation went through a local and foreign editorial board. It was brought to the printing stage after long efforts.

‘I have my sincere appreciation to my wife who assists and encourages me for my articles. I am very thankful to my friend Josh from London, my editor Ali Topdag from Crab Publishing, exiled journalist Bulent Kenes for his additional ideas and inspiring comments. Many thanks to my friends who contributed to my book.’ told Mr. Incekul.

‘This book is dedicated to thousands of silenced people in Turkey between the years 2016-2023.’ He added.

To purchase the book please click the link.

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