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Kitchener Hosts First Social Genocide Exhibition: A Strong Call for Awareness

“In Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada, the ‘Social Genocide Exhibition’ organized by Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST) took place for the first time on April 20th, hosted by the Grand River Friendship Society (GRFS) and the Intercultural Dialogue Institute KE. The exhibition, which narrates the lives of oppressed individuals, featured 34 memorabilia items and garnered significant attention from visitors.

The event attracted hundreds from both the Canadian and Turkish communities, brought to life by the dedicated efforts of a team of 30 university and high school students. Sümeyra Nurcan, a member of the Grand River Friendship Society and the host of the program, emphasized the spirit of solidarity, “Today, we gather to stand with thousands who have suffered under false and fabricated terror charges—journalists, academics, lawyers, prosecutors, politicians, and doctors.”

Aslıhan Kas, the coordinator of the exhibition, highlighted the human rights violations following the attempted coup on July 15th in her opening speech and shared some impressive figures related to the exhibition: 21 events organized across 11 cities, displaying about 350 memorabilia items from 101 individuals, with an attendance of approximately 5000 visitors so far. Kas asserted, “My team and I will continue to be the voice for those of diverse ethnic identities who have suffered persecution in Turkey.”


Green Party MP Mike Morrice expressed his sentiments simply as “sorrow,” stating, “These are stories we must not forget.”

Chris, a retired city planner, shared his deep emotional response, “It’s hard to choose just one word because I feel profound sadness and also a real anger, witnessing the injustices inflicted on innocent people deeply wounds me.”

Liberal Party MP Valeria Bradford, addressing those fighting injustices in Turkey and around the world, said, “It must be hard to see hope or light in their circumstances, but as long as there is light, there is hope, and we must continue to walk every day; keeping them in our thoughts and close to our hearts.”

Green Party MP Aislinn Clancy, also choosing the word “sorrow” to describe her feelings, mentioned that the story of Hatice Akçabay resonated with her, “As a mother, it’s heartbreaking to witness mothers and children suffering; we will do all we can to help our children.”

Musician Cüneyt Yetkiner stated, ‘As an artist, the memory that affected me the most from these memorials was the memory of music education student Kemal Kurkut. A young person, with so much effort, everything is sacrificed to an injustice all at once, which is very painful.’ Please note that this translation aims to capture the essence of the original statement while maintaining clarity and accuracy.”


Another Canadian native expressed solidarity with suffering people worldwide, “As we learn about you, our hearts and prayers are with you.”

These testimonials reveal that the exhibition not only raises awareness but also has a profound impact on its visitors. By highlighting the situation in Turkey, the exhibition reinforces hope for a more just and humane world. The Social Genocide Exhibition will continue to engage with visitors at Toronto’s Vellore Village Community Center on April 27th and at the Ottawa Turkish Cultural Center on April 28th, traveling across Canada.”

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