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Lawyer Dr.Talip Aydın: Lawyers engaged with the regime at the ECtHR are misguiding the court.

Ensar Nur, TR724.com

Former Chair of the Ministry of Justice Human Rights Commission of Turkey, Dr. Talip Aydın, stated that in order to achieve more effective decisions from the ECtHR, there is a need to combat the lawyers engaged with the Erdogan regime within the court.

In a Twitter post, Talip Aydın emphasized the importance of continuing to submit applications to the ECtHR for the ongoing struggle for rights, but also highlighted the need for proactive discourse against the negative effects of lawyers engaged with the regime within the ECtHR in order to obtain effective results from these applications.

Suspected individual at the ECtHR: Hasan Bakırcı.

Aydın drew attention to the fact that individuals holding important positions within the ECtHR, such as Atilla Nalbant, Hasan Bakırcı, and Civan Turmangil, are misguiding the court. He underscored the need for further exposure of these individuals to prevent manipulations.

It is widely known by those closely following the ECtHR that Hasan Bakırcı, the Head of the Registry of the Second Section of the ECtHR, is a devoted Fenerbahçe supporter and holds a strong antipathy towards the Hizmet Movement. (Hizmet movement was accused of conspiring against FB due to prosecution of the CEO of the team for bribery charges.)

Talip Aydın shared screenshots of some of Bakırcı’s posts from his closed Twitter account, stating that the personal views of the Head of the Registry hinder the desired outcomes in cases related to the Hizmet Movement.

Aydın emphasized the importance of continuously bringing up these individuals and filing complaints to the relevant authorities, asserting that this would help avoid unpleasant surprises in future decisions.

Multi-dimensional human rights struggle.

The former Commission Chair Dr. Aydin highlighted that while the continuation of applications to the ECtHR is critically important, there is also a need for a multi-dimensional and long-term struggle to ensure that these applications are effectively reflected in the court’s decisions.

According to Dr. Aydın, there is a need to accelerate efforts in various fields such as civil society, lobbying, international organizations, national and international public opinion, universities, academic circles, think tanks, and social media.

Finally, Dr. Aydın expressed the need for increased efforts to obtain critical decisions on general theses and the use of these theses in applications to the ECtHR through mechanisms such as the UN Human Rights Committee, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, and the Committee for the Prevention of Torture.

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