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Legal Experts Worldwide Address Turkish Judiciary in Open Letter to President Kerkez

A Public Letter Was Written to the Newly Elected President of the Supreme Court of Appeals, Mr. Ömer Kerkez, by International Human Rights Organizations and Legal Experts

📌In the letter; Mr. Kerkez is congratulated for his election as president, and the critical importance of judicial independence and impartiality is emphasized. Concerns regarding the detention of 28 girls and the arrest of 10 university students for activities that do not constitute a crime under universal legal standards are addressed.

📌Important issues include:

▶️Detentions and arrests based on using the ByLock app, having an account at Bank Asya, or union membership, which are not considered crimes in the ECtHR’s Yalçınkaya decision.

▶️The legality of arrest warrants and police interrogations.

📌The letter advises:

▶️Immediate and comprehensive review of the cases involving the detained girls and arrested university students to ensure compliance with international legal standards. ▶️Full implementation of the ECtHR Yalçınkaya decision. ▶️Training programs on international human rights standards for judges and law enforcement. ▶️Establishment of an independent audit committee to ensure transparency and accountability in the judiciary. ▶️Strengthening judicial independence against external pressures.

✍️ Signatories of the Public Letter:

Javier Cremades, President of the World Law Foundation

Dr. Chloë Gilgan, Legal Scholar, Lecturer, Lincoln University

Prof. Dr. Miroslaw Granat, Head of Constitutional Law Department, Former Judge of the Polish Constitutional Court

Zoë Grossi, International Criminal Law Researcher and Lecturer at KU Leuven

Johan Heymans, Managing Partner at Van Steenbrugge Advocaten, New York University School of Law

Dr. Nicolas Kang-Riou, Legal Scholar, Lecturer, Lincoln University

Walter van Steenbrugge, Belgian Human Rights and Criminal Lawyer and Author

Dr. Maria Xiouri, Legal Scholar, Lecturer, Lincoln University

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