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Lies and Truths are Sold Together!

According to a 19th-century legend, truth and lies meet one day. Lies speak truthfully and say, “The weather is beautiful today.”

Truth looks at ‘lies’ and lifts its eyes to the sky. The day is indeed beautiful, and it is surprised by the honesty. They spend time together until they come to a well. Lies continue to speak the truth.

Lies say, “The water is beautiful, let’s swim together!” Truth, once again skeptical, touches the water, which is indeed very nice. Believing this, it undresses and starts swimming. Lies suddenly leave the water, wear truth’s clothes, and disappear. Angry truth emerges from the well and goes everywhere to find lies and retrieve its clothes.

Those who see naked truth in the world despise it, looking with anger and shame. Poor truth returns to the well and disappears forever.

Since then, lies have lived among us, dressed as truth. The world, however, does not want to see naked truth at all.

I’ve Met Such People!

I am not saying that lies and truth have always manifested this way in the history of humanity, but it seems… I left my sentence unfinished. I wrote many things to complete it, then gave up. Because there are exceptions. I am a witness to this. I have met people who have never let lies into their lives even once. I know of events where some of those involved have spoken the truth with all its nakedness, and the truth has illuminated the way for that era, that society, and that state. Therefore, I do not agree with the conclusion that truth has entirely disappeared from human life as suggested in this narrative.

In this context, I believe Bediüzzaman’s observation is more accurate. He says: “… the distance between truth and lies has decreased, they have come shoulder to shoulder; they began to be sold together in one shop, and thus social morals have deteriorated.”

This is the truth. Lies and truth are now sold together in the same shop. People have become unable to distinguish between what is true and what is false when they go shopping there. Because the owner and employees of that shop have become such masters of marketing that they started to market lies and truths together within the sentences introducing their goods. Over time, their skill in this matter developed, and it became so convincing that no one doubts them.

No One Looks at the Face of Truth!

Bediüzzaman adds to the end of the above sentence: “Political propaganda has given too much currency to lies.”

Elsewhere, he says: “Opposites have exchanged appearances.”

In other words, things that are opposite have exchanged their clothes, and he gives these examples: “Oppression has put on the hat of justice; treason has worn the garment of patriotism; rebellion has been named jihad, and slavery has been called freedom.”

In our specific context, let’s add: Lies have become the truth and are roaming around the market, while the truth has become a lie and is wandering around like a beggar, trying to be accepted. “Listen to me. I am the truth. That one is deceiving you!” it says. But no one looks at its face.

What is the result? Depending on the nature of the lie, a person, a group, a society, a state, or a civilization will eventually collapse and disappear.

There is also the afterlife aspect of this. Therefore, write “Verses and hadiths about lies” in the search bar of Google’s homepage and click on the first page that appears. I assure you, any person with even a bit of belief in the afterlife cannot read that page to the end without blushing, their heart racing, their eyes tearing up, drifting from thought to thought, and starting to question their own life.

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Dr. Ahmet Kurucan is a an author and scholar focusing on Islamic Studies and Law.

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