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Moscow-Based Russia Expert Dr. Kerim Has Accuses Erdogan of Undermining Palestinian Cause

Dr. Kerim Has, a prominent Russia expert based in Moscow, recently shared his critical views on Turkey’s position regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through his social media account. In a thought-provoking analogy, Dr. Has likened the situation to a bowl of milk tainted by a drop of ink.

In his social media post, Dr. Has invited readers to consider a metaphorical scenario. He asked them to imagine a bowl of milk, symbolizing the just and legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people against Israeli occupation. Then, he introduced the ink, which he associated with Hamas, a group often accused of resorting to terrorism.

According to Dr. Has, Israel has long sought to undermine the Palestinian cause and erase it entirely, much like wanting to discard the tainted milk. In a more constructive perspective, he pointed out that the ink could be gently removed from the milk, making it drinkable again, symbolizing a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

However, Dr. Has criticized Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his vocal support of Hamas, which he portrayed as vigorously mixing the ink into the milk, effectively contaminating the Palestinian cause. This support, according to Dr. Has, not only undermines the legitimate struggle of the Palestinians but also indirectly serves Israel’s interests in the region.

Dr. Has argued that despite Erdogan’s vocal proclamations in support of Palestine, he has taken no concrete steps against Israel and has even pursued actions that align with Israel’s interests. This, Dr. Has emphasized, makes Erdogan an unwitting ally to Israel, contradicting his public stance.

Dr. Kerim Has’s comments on social media have sparked a debate regarding Turkey’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His metaphorical analogy of milk and ink sheds light on the complexity of the situation and raises questions about Turkey’s foreign policy choices in the Middle East. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how these comments may influence discussions on the matter in the future.

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