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Mysterious Object Lights Up Turkish Skies, Sparking Speculation of a Meteor

Footage capturing the moment a mysterious object, believed to be a meteor, fell to the ground has emerged from various provinces in Turkey, including Diyarbakır, Hatay, Malatya, and Elazığ. This extraordinary event has created excitement among the public and quickly became a trending topic on social media. As the object descended, it broke into pieces, lighting up the night sky with a blue hue.

Claims of Meteor Falling in Several Provinces

Around 20:20 local time, a mysterious object appeared in the skies over Kahramanmaraş. Security cameras recorded the object descending rapidly, with its brightness intensifying before suddenly disappearing. It is speculated that the object could be a meteor, and efforts are underway to determine its landing location in the surrounding areas.

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Excitement Over the Sighting

In the town of Doğanşehir in Malatya, claims of a “meteor falling” around 20:15 local time quickly spread on social media, leading to excitement among the residents who observed the object with their naked eyes. Ali Demirci, a resident of Esentepe Neighborhood, expressed his fear, saying they had witnessed the object visually. In Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa, residents also reported seeing a bright light, claiming it was a meteor. While the object has been reported in many provinces, there has been no official confirmation regarding whether it was indeed a meteor.

Clear Footage from the Bayburt Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum Area

A bright burst of light in the sky above Bayburt’s Beşpınar Village also caused excitement. It was evaluated that the brightness observed intensely in the Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum area was a meteor.

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Sound Heard After the Object Fell

In the skies over Elazığ during the night, an unexplained beam of light astonished onlookers. Those who witnessed the luminous object grabbed their mobile phones to capture the sight. These same images were also recorded by an individual live-streaming on social media. After the object fell, a high-pitched sound was heard. The possibility that the object emitting blue and red light might be a meteor is currently under consideration.

Fireball Spotted in the Sky

In Hatay, residents observed a fireball in the evening sky, accompanied by a loud noise. Footage captured the moment when an object in the Karadurmuşlu area of Kırıkhan district burst into flames. While it is believed to be a meteor, authorities are conducting research to verify the nature of the event.

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