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New Report Highlights Plight of Politically Imprisoned in Turkey

The report delves into the harrowing stories of citizens in their later years stripped of their golden days, individuals battling severe illnesses without adequate healthcare, and parents unfairly separated from their children. It emphasizes the resilience and hope maintained by these suffering individuals and families despite facing grave injustices and challenges.

In an interview, Yüksel Kaya, President of Solidarity with Others, stated that the report is initially available in English and will soon be translated into Turkish, French, and Dutch. Kaya also mentioned that the document has been distributed to numerous human rights officials at the European Union, Council of Europe, and the United Nations.

Nurşah Tutar, Vice President of the organization, remarked that while the report chronicles the experiences of 19 individuals, it signifies a broader issue affecting many more across Turkey, subjected to similar mistreatment and legal abuses. The goal, Tutar notes, is to foster awareness and advocate for the release of those wrongfully imprisoned.

The report not only highlights individual cases like Şerife Sulukan, Gülden Aşık, and others suffering in prison due to severe health conditions but also spotlights parents such as Esra Ekmekçi and Sümeyye Tercanlıoğlu, whose stories exemplify the destructive impact of unjust sentences on families.

Moreover, the report stresses the urgent need for a sweeping reform of the Turkish penal enforcement system, spotlighting the substantial challenges faced by numerous families and couples ensnared within this oppressive legal framework.

Concluding the report, Solidarity with Others imparts a message of unity and determination: “Together, we can break the chains of injustice and construct a future where human rights are safeguarded regardless of circumstances.”

Over the last year, Solidarity with Others has issued over ten extensive reports addressing human rights issues and continues to gather and share data on human rights violations in Turkey via its website.

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