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“New Video confirms Erdogan Suffers from Epilepsy and Involvement in Previous Scandals”

“New Video reveals Erdogan Suffers from Epilepsy and Involvement in Previous Scandals”

Ali Yesildag, a partner of Hasan Yesildag, a confidant of Erdogan’s family, has released the fifth video in the series that reveal corruption within Erdogan’s inner circle today. Investigative journalist Cevheri Guven is publishing these videos on his YouTube Channel.

In the latest video released today, Yesildag made a shocking revelation about Erdogan’s health. While it was previously rumored that Erdogan had colon cancer, Yesildag claimed that Erdogan is actually suffering from epilepsy, a fact that has been kept secret from the public with only a handful of people outside of his family aware of it. Because this revelation could have significant consequences for Erdogan’s political career.

Yesildag also reveals that his brother, Hasan Yesildag with a coordination of Erdogan, was behind the video cassette scandal involving Deniz Baykal, and that Erdogan falsely blamed Kemal Kilicdaroglu for it for years. Furthermore, Yesildag claimed that Muharrem Ince, one of the four presidential candidates, was forced to run for presidential election by Erdogan to split the opposition vote, as Erdogan had compromising video footage of Ince with women as well. Yesildag also mentioned that after seeing that private cassette(s) of himself, Muharrem Ince was not in a position to partner with his lifelong friend Kemal Kilicdaroglu, but rather with Erdogan.

Let’s remember the previous videos, in the first video Ali Yesildag accused Erdogan and his associates of clearing $1 billion from a public procurement tender for the management of Antalya Airport. In the second video, Mehmet Mehdi Eker, former Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey, was accused of fraudulently winning a $3.5 billion public tender for the management and improvement of agricultural lands across the country. In the third video, Yesildag claimed that Erdogan seized land in Bosphorus, Istanbul, belonging to Soysal Holding, and built a $1 billion hotel called Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus with the help of his partners, including Ali Yesildag.

In his fourth video, Yesildag explained his relationship with his brothers Hasan and Zeki Yesildag and revealed how they all criminalized at the first stage and what they mean for the Erdogan family, especially in doing their businesses. In his fourth video, Yesildag disclosed his past involvement in organized crime along with his brothers, Hasan and Zeki Yesildag and Fahri Kasirga. He revealed the extent of their criminal activities and how they were connected to Erdogan and his family in carrying out their illicit businesses.

After the shocking revelation about Erdogan’s illness in the fifth video, the public is now eagerly awaiting the release of the sixth video.

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