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Özgür Özel Calls for Public Action Against Evil

In a passionate appeal during the Hrant Dink memorial, CHP Chairman Özgür Özel urged citizens to actively participate in protests against societal evils. Emphasizing the need for bravery, Özel rallied for collective action, stating, “This is a call to everyone who does not want evil to prevail in this country anymore. Good people, come to the streets, squares, marches, and make your voices heard. Together, let’s ensure that evil disappears.”

Özel’s comments came as part of his visit to the Hrant Dink Foundation in Istanbul, a significant gesture symbolizing solidarity with the Armenian community and a stand against historical injustices. The visit and subsequent statements were in the context of the controversial release of Ogün Samast, convicted for the 2007 assassination of Hrant Dink, an esteemed journalist and columnist.

Highlighting the significance of the moment, Özel remarked, “It’s been nearly 17 years since a symbol of peace was brutally taken from us here. The recent release of the perpetrator is not just a disrespect to the Dink family and the Armenian community, but a stark reminder of the challenges we face in our quest for justice and fairness.”

Özel extended his call for unity and resistance beyond the immediate community, touching on broader societal issues. “We’re facing organized evil, a coalition of the wicked, and it’s imperative that we, the good, stand united in resistance. Whether it’s fighting against exploitation, oppression, or injustice, our collective righteousness and courage are our strongest weapons against evil,” he asserted.

In a direct message to the public, Özel encouraged everyone to take a stand. “When you are called, come running. Let’s make a stand so that evil may vanish,” he said, adding, “Good people can look each other in the eye and together, we have the power to overcome evil. This is our promise and our commitment.”

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