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Ozgur Ozel Promises No Regrets for Voters at Historic CHP Meeting

In a landmark gathering following the March 31 elections, CHP leader Ozgür Ozel assured party supporters during the first group meeting that their votes were well-placed. “Today marks a historic meeting. The joy we feel is thanks to countless individuals. To everyone who supported us, I promise we will not let you down,” Ozel stated.

Addressing the Republican People’s Party (CHP) for the first time since the local elections, Ozel emphasized the party’s gratitude and resolve. “We owe this happiness to many, and I assure you, as the CHP, we will not disappoint those who trusted us with their vote,” he said.

Commitment to Voters

Özel expressed deep appreciation for the party’s efforts and the unity shown throughout the election campaign. “A heartfelt thanks to our entire organization and all those who contribute tirelessly behind the scenes,” he added.

Focus on Palestine in Upcoming European Assembly Speech

Ozel plans to highlight the ongoing strife in Palestine and Israel’s role in the conflict during his upcoming speech at the Mixed Parliamentary Assembly of Europe. The trip to Palestine was postponed due to recent airspace closures following weekend attacks. Özel committed to visiting Palestine soon to bring international attention to the casualties.

Legal Battles and Injustice in Antalya Highlighted

Following the controversial detention of Kepez Mayor Mesut Kocagöz, who left his position in 2023 after the cable car he was responsible for had been inspected three additional times without issue, Özel criticized the lack of accountability. “While the cable car operation continued to meet inspection standards, Kocagöz’s unwarranted detention is a grave injustice,” he said.

Critique of Government Over Lack of Accountability

Özel also condemned the longstanding impunity for public officials in disasters, citing no prosecutions in the aftermath of tragic incidents like the Soma mine disaster and various train accidents. “For 22 years, the government has failed to hold its officials accountable. This will not stand,” Ozel declared.

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